January 7, 2003 - Artforum - Artforum in 2003
January 7, 2003

Artforum in 2003

Artforum in 2003

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report–First Take:
New Art, New Artists. Ten critics and curators review who they’ll be
watching in the year ahead.

“Wade Guyton may have made photographs in caves, but there’s no way
he’ll remain underground for long.” –Tim Griffin on artist Wade Guyton

authoritative, up-to-date guide to contemporary art in museums
worldwide. opinionated looks at the forty-plus upcoming shows that matter most.

Also, Philip Nobel considers the venture of Pierre Huyghe and Philippe
Parreno in the traveling exhibition “No Ghost Just a Shell”–a dozen
artist friends were called to realize works based on Annlee, the manga
character whose rights the pair purchased in 1999. Catch Annlee in
Centerfold: A Smile Without a Cat (Celebration of Annlee’s
Vanishing), where the cartoon figure lit up the sky over Miami Beach to mark the
opening of a new art fair, then vanished into the night.

PLUS Malerie Marder discusses At Rest; Andrew Hultkrans on Spike
Jonze’s film Adaptation; Diedrich Diederichsen on the collected writings
of Mike Kelley, and David Frankel with an intimate reflection on the 1970s
art-’zine Art-Rite.

“We were riding on the absurdity of the situation–that we were three
nobodies, had no money, had no fame, and didn’t know anybody in the art
world. But it was perfect–we were totally free.” –Edit deAk,
Art-Rite editor

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