December 11, 2002 - Gandy Gallery - gandy gallery presents glassfab
December 11, 2002

gandy gallery presents glassfab

gandy gallery presents glassfab
12 December 2002 - 8 February 2003

gandy gallery
Skolska 7, 110 00 PRAHA 1
t/f : 42 02 96 23 30 66

opening wednesday december11, 2002 at 6 p.m.

Tobias Rehberger, self, autobdelygmitisch (2002); Ashtray; Bohemian crystal; H 122 L 300 W 122 mm; edition of 100




fab. : Two years ago Nadine Gandy invited matali crasset to realize a project for her gallery in Prague. In february 2002 she presented matali’Sunic.

project: a perfume diffusor in Bohemian cristal, realized with the support of A.F.A.A., produced by the Ajeto glass fabric.

During these exchanges and with the complicity of Nadine Gandy, the idea was born to create a collection directed by matali : fab. is it’s name.

fab. is the collection of the Gandy gallery, based in Prague, Czech Republic. It will totally invest the programmation of Gandy gallery from december 12, until August 2, 2003 ; it’s a global project of exhibition and edition.

fab. illustrates our interest in exchange, encounters and in transversality : to decompartimentalize the practices.

The context: a country which follows the model on the new international economic order and which will thus certainly loose in the coming years a significant amount of the know-how held by its unique craftsmen. Can we help to safeguard these know-hows and induce new habits in this ephemeral moment? This crack in time allows the experimentation with various know-how with glass, wood, iron, wax, ceramic’fab. imagines itself as a place and an utopia link.

In 2002, fab. will open several projects around 3 materials favoring at times durable material at others ephemeral or perishable materials

– glassfab., a collection dedicated to glass

– waxfab., a collection dedicated to wax

– soapfab., a collection dedicated to soap

A collection of cristal objects realized by the master craftsmen of the glass fabric Ajeto in Czech Republic. A collection of objects “in between”, in the slit between art and dayly usage. Objects which question the glass in the spirit of the Sunic’ edited by the Gandy gallery.

matali craset invited for glassfab international artists, designers, architects, …

The artits/participants :

Volker Albus (D)

Claude Closky (F)

Matali Crasset (F)

Marie-Ange Guilleminot (F)

Joseph Grigely (USA)

Fabrice Gygy (CH)

Richard Hutten (NL)

Jakob + Mac Farlane (F)

Stéphane Magnin (F)

Yves Netzhammer (CH)

Olgoj & Chorchoj (CZ)

Javier Perez (SP)

Denis Santachiara (I)

Tobias Rehberger (D)

Rirkit Tiravanija (TH)

Vogt + Weizenegger (D)

Ernesto Neto (BR)…..

This collection is based on the principle of an border. Each artist received a theme to explore. These thematics do not express usual functions but more conceptual directions such as weight, sound, waste…

Limited edition

Objects produced in small editions but at affordable prices.

glassfab. 1, 2, 3 from december 12, 2002 until February, 8 2003

The 3 first proposals are from Tobias Rehberger, Denis Santachiara and Vogt + Weizenegger.

Tobias Rehberger self selfashtray

Tobias Rehberger, german artist, born in 1966 in Esslingen, is one the stars of geman art. His work questions with talent the limits between art, design, graphism and explodes these obsolete categories, always with an insight full eye from which emerges significance. His proposal for glassfab. is an ashtray, it must be understood as the continuation of his series of artists portraits in vase (1995/1998) It allows the collection of ashes but removing them or cleaning it is difficult, this creates on the side of the ashtray a sort of psychological portrait of the smoker, maybe in these politically correct times, one of the final ones.

Denis Santachiara transplant CHEESE king

Denis Santachiara, is one of the most important designers, a magician, introducing in his proposals the poetry of technology. CHEESE-King his proposal for glassfab., is a Parmesan cheese grate, perhaps a tribute to his home country, the Emilia Romagna (Italy) where the best Parmesan, is produced. It is a grate like a brush in the continuity of the hand, using the hardness of cristal to grate the cheese. The object, in solid cristal, is laid flat on on the table and reveals it’s function when turned : the word CHEESE then appears.

Vogt + Weizenegger the taste Dyonisos’ stomach

Vogt + Weizenegger, duo of berliner designers, approach design with a wide viewpoint : from brand artistic direction, such as the rebirth of die Blindenanstalt von Berlin with the Dim project, to exhibition design, industrial design, or their collaboration with the gallery Schipper & Krome in Berlin :

Dyonisos1 stomach is a collective object, an object which nurtures the collectivity : a festive object : a glass goat skin for wine, allowing it to better oxygenate and thus reveal its flavors and tastes in their fullness. Guest come and drink the wine through a sort of straw/balloon glass.

For further information, you can contact:

Nadine Gandy

Gandy Gallery
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