November 12, 2002 - TEOR/éTica - Do It at TEOR/eTica
November 12, 2002

Do It at TEOR/eTica

Do It

Apdo. 4009-1000 San José, Costa Rica
 tel/fax: (506) 233-4881

TEOR/éTica presents a new edition of DO IT with participation of Central American artists and collaborators.

This project began in 1993 of a conversation between Hans Ulrich Obrist, curator of the Modern Art Museum of Paris and artists Christian Boltanski and Bertrand Lavier. Since then it has been executed in dozens of museums and exhibition spaces around the world.

It consists of a series of “do-it-yourself” instructions put forward by artists to be carried out by the institution´s staff.

This project aims to question the notion of authorship; instructions give birth to diverse interpretations greatly influenced by different contexts; it is therefore an exhibition in progress.

On this ocassion, due to the fact that TEOR/éTica´s staff is relatively small, a number of collaborators have been invited; students, board members, journalists, waiters and friends, all of them related with TEOR/éTica in one way or another.

New instructions have been created by central american artists; among them Federico Herrero (El amigo secreto, Secret friend), Fabio Herrera (El deseo, Desire) , Marisel Jimenez (Las formas hablan de sí mismas, Forms speak about themselves), Priscilla Monge (La Barata), Humberto Vélez (Los celadores, The caretakers), Joaquín Rodriguez del Paso (Todos los Ticos del mundo, All the Ticos of the world), Cecilia Paredes (A lo mejor soy otro, Maybe I´m somemeone else), A153167 (Se alquila, For rent), Raúl Quintanilla (Banana republics) and Xenia Mejía (Un velo de fantasía nubla la mente de la abeja reina, A veil of fantasy clouds the mind of the queen bee).

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