November 7, 2002 - Galleria ART and ARTS - Enrico T. De Paris at Galleria ART and ARTS
November 7, 2002

Enrico T. De Paris at Galleria ART and ARTS

Enrico T. De Paris
8 November 2002 - 15 January 2003

Galleria ART and ARTS
via matteo pescatore, 9
Tel +39 011 835773

Inauguration: 8 November at 6.30 p.m.

The ART and ARTS Gallery presents the solo exhibition by Enrico T. De Paris (born in Mel Belluno in 1960). All the works on show are part of the artists 2002 collection and relate to human behaviour as a stage in the development of the themes dealt with by the artist in recent times.

The works by E. T. De Paris testify a new sensitivity towards cosmic dynamics and, consequently, towards the mystery of the human being. This form of investigation means that the artists work must also evolve: his paintings are characterised by fluid, abstract and three-dimensional areas in terms of composition as well as colour, and he experiments with heterogeneous materials such as aluminium, silicone, wood, plastic, blown glass, and even embraces the concepts of digital imaging. All this blends to generate the sensitive side of reality.

SPAZIO MODIFICATO a series of works shut inside Plexiglas show-cases. These cases define a space with clear boundaries, a barrier that ideologically belongs to us. When it does not exist materially, it exists psychologically or, worse, intellectually.

Man keeps building a pyramid society in which few know and make the decisions for all, where few want to grow with the community that surrounds them .imperfection!..or perhaps human perfection?

MAPPA a series of paintings in which the metropolitan grid becomes the sky where everything floats in a mental rather than material space. The grid is an organic, electronic, interior structure, a multiple vision, at optical as well as spiritual level: a complex, ironic, paradoxical plot designed to attract and hold the spectators attention.

CELLULE ABITATIVE a series of works that use the technique of blown glass to exasperate a globular space, reproducing surface tension on the one hand (GLOBAL) and constrictive tension on the other (LOCAL).

Glass is used as an immaterial material, like a false realty, wrapped inside an infinite circle of time.

These are the titles of the series of works on show. As Mr. De Paris explained: “For many years my work has consisted in representing PARTS of worlds, where everything co-exists at the same time; there are no clearly-defined spaces in time and everything slides between different levels, near and far coincide, points of view change, perspectives annul one another, paradox and irony are thus the basis of the message-experience: to bring the ordinary man into contact with the sensitivity needed to approach the chaotic world that surrounds us.

These scenes represent energy and positiveness in relation to the creative power of evolution and the hidden potential of human beings”.

“It will be lovely to invent NEW METAPHORS to describe the new planet, not only as our home but also as our body”, said the artist in relation to this evolution of his language.

“Man as the synthesis of disordered pulsations.loving nature with a mind to the future”.

The exhibition is supported by a catalogue, catalogue features comments by the artist and a critical-chronological analysis from 1990 to the present day by LUCA BEATRICE.

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