November 6, 2002 - RAM radioartemobile - mobile art radio
November 6, 2002

mobile art radio

mobile art radio

mobile art radio is an artistic proposal of communication and interaction, based on the research developed by zerynthia, but at the same time it creates a real medium of communication with internet users. the nature of the audio data and the possibilities of use determine the path and conceptual choices of every action and intervention. / is defined by the use of its functions:

- ram offers an open space of live broadcast to artistic interventions. during the last two months radioartemobile has been live on the internet, presenting works of contemporary artists, on five different locations and contexts, from the “cittadellarte-fondazione pistoletto”, biella, to paliano and rialtosantambroggio in rome, to graz with rotor, and at the venice university. and its network of partners,

the on-coming events will be broadcast on these dates and locations:

november 6, 05:00 pm, nicoletta agostini and marco brosolo with “ol wonder”; domenico mangano with “omax serietà no perditempo”; and daniele puppi, curated by maria rosa sossai, rome
november 15, 07:00 pm, ljubljana, on occasion of the opening of “(un)painted”, at the moderna galerja
november 20, 11:00 am, university of lueneburg, germany, with diethelm stoller, department of cultural politics
november 23, 03:00 pm, stockholm, in cooperation with färgfabriken, on ocassion of “stockholm at the large”
november 26, time to be defined (please check on ram website), gent, belgium, in cooperation with s.m.a.k.

- flussoram, directed by riccardo giagni, has developed sections that broadcast works of experimental and contemporary music, sound projects, interviews of and self-portraits by artists (curatorship florian agalli). it stimulates reflections and discussions on the use of media and the role art plays in today’s world of communication and information.

- ramodema, is the archive of ram that contains read-only files and downloads. ramodema aims at establishing a more personal relationship between individual user and ram.

mobile art radio is the result of work conceived on the basis of technologic innovation and artistic application by zerynthia association for contemporary art, italy, museum in progress, austria, färgfabriken, sweden, moderna galerja, slovenia, and university of siena, italy.

you need windows media player to listen our programs. if it is not already installed in your system, you can download it by w . its free

for contact:

RAM radioartemobile
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