November 2, 2002 - Artforum - Artforum in November
November 2, 2002

Artforum in November

Artforum in November

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Harrison was a surprise favorite among critics from diverse, even rival camps. In this months double-feature cover story, Saul Anton and Bruce Hainley offer their takes on the artists slipshod constructions, which serve both as sculptures and as supports for found photos and objects. Hainley: “Harrison is no queen of the between. Her work doesnt operate by opposition. . . . Her photography and sculpture bear an analogical, even allegorical relation to the cultural/artistic condition in which opposition has ceased to exist.”

Also in November: Robert Storr revisits the career of Carroll Dunham on the eve of the painters first retrospective. “Count Dunham as one of the last of the 80s painters to make a splash, but take note that he slipped in from the wings, belonged to no nameable tendency, and, like the most skillful of character actors, knew how to upstage the leads just as they were finishing their big speeches.”

Also in this issue: In anticipation of the release this month of Far from Heaven, Todd Hayness eagerly awaited homage to Douglas Sirk, Geoffrey OBrien paid a visit to the director at his Portland, Oregon, home, where they discussed Hayness canny redeployment of 50s cinema in the service of a decidedly nonperiod melodrama. OBrien writes: “In early scenes–a pickup in a gay bar, an interrupted assignation in an office, a session with a therapist offering the latest theories on curing homosexuality–one has the sense that Haynes is having fun by messing with the proprieties of 50s cinema, showing what could not have been shown.”

decades ago Pop art was making its first bid to challenge the primacy of Abstract Expressionism. Contributing editor Thomas Crow revisits John Coplanss November 1962 article “The New Painting of Common Objects,” the then associate editors assessment of Walter Hoppss landmark Pasadena survey of the nascent Pop movement.

Plus: Barbara Rose remembers Larry Rivers, Rhonda Lieberman on The World of Proust, David Rimanelli on Jack Pierson, A Thousand Words from Jeremy Diller, Bridget Rileys First Break, Piotr Uklanski, Forcefield, Shelby Lee Adams, Eija-Liisa Ahtila, over 30 reviews from 20 cities worldwide, and much more.

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