October 18, 2002 - Galerie Fraîch'Attitude - FRIDGE exhibition curated by Laurence Dreyfus
October 18, 2002

FRIDGE exhibition curated by Laurence Dreyfus

FRIDGE exhibition curated by Laurence Dreyfus
17 October 2002 – 25 January 2003

Galerie Fraîch’Attitude
 60, rue du Faubourg Poissonnière
75010 Paris


Six fridges have laid siege to a new Gallery this autumn. Inside these household appliances an atypical exhibition is presented on food in the cold, in form and in perspective, on our food habits and on our modes of consumerism. Nine contemporary artists have produced organic creations to see or to taste: Michel Blazy, Germain Bourre, Frenfofer, Goma, Christian Jankowski, Natacha Lesueur, Sarah Lucas, Maurice Scheltens and Dorothée Selz. FRIDGE offers a large range of perceptions from freshness to rottenness, taste to disgust, craving to feeling sick, as well as sharing the many creative possibilities in the culinary arts.

FRIDGE is an exhibition which proposes a reflection on the perception of the refrigerator as an object outside of its usual kitchen environment. The artists projects show a different aspect of this closet of conservation that is the mirror image of modern consumerism and human alimentary behavior. The senses are exploited through smells, sounds, tastes, form and food transformations, and constitute elements of ephemeral works of art to be eaten or viewed.

Six cold spaces have been transformed into exhibition rooms for the works of artists, culinary designers, sound designers and photographers. Two artists will go beyond the imposed setting to explore an autonomous practice: a listening room plays musician Fabrice Eola1s sound creations, and a film by artist Michel Blazy invites us to view two works on video filmed with a microscopic camera. The six cold columns await the visitor when he opens the doors. Thus a reflection on food as a field of exploration goes far beyond the household framework and overflows into art. Biology, matter, cold and hot, and the behavior of the consumer society will be put to the test.

The exhibition FRIDGE was conceived by Laurence Dreyfus, an independent curator based in Paris, who realize ” Tokyo Games ” at Palais de Tokyo from January 2002 and created the Food Lab cycle for the Fondation Cartier in 2000. She is a monthly contributor to Beaux-Arts Magazine and is an active member of Fooding.

A catalogue of the exhibition will bring together a series of interviews of famous chief cooks along with sociologists, chemists, philosophers and personalities in the agro-alimentary world in order to account for and analyze the relationship between art and food.

Press and information contact:

Christophe Spotti P. (33) 1 49 49 15 15 F: (33) 1 49 49 15 16

E-mail: c.spotti@interfel.com

Gallery website: www.fraichattitude.com

Images available upon request.

Exhibition catalogue

FRIDGE Catalogue: 128 pages with 32 illustrations. Authors: A. Cammas, J. Castro, J.- P. Coffe, G. Crouzet, L. Damiens, L. Dreyfus, J. Mesnard, V. Mréjen, E. Rubin, What1s 4 Dinner, Professor Joël Mesnard.

1 Audio CD Price: 25 euros Graphic conception: Antoine+Manuel

With the amiable participation of Whirlpool France.

Galerie Fraîch'Attitude
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