October 9, 2002 - Parkett - Painting Space in the new Parkett issue
October 9, 2002

Painting Space in the new Parkett issue

Parkett 65: Painting Space in the new Parkett issue



In Parkett 65: Space distinguishes the pictures in this issue, not meaning the illusionism that sees the picture as a window through which we look, but rather a breathing space, a field of freedom created with great care by John Currin, Laura Owens, and Michael Raedecker. Ironically, that sentence recalls an artistic movement of the past in which explosive gesture prevailed. Here, the opposite is true.

In the section on John Currin, Keith Seward takes on his early nudes and the genre of nude painting. Mark van de Walle looks at his recent work that has gone beyond the breasts and babes, to men, kitsch, and more art history. Swiss novelist Sibylle Berg completes the section with a poetic reflection that could have been authored by one of Currins painted ladies.

For Laura Owens collaboration section, curator Russell Ferguson takes us into the L.A. painters studio and follows the progress of one of her recent works, from sketch to finished canvas. Benjamin Weissman contributed an original story, Monkey Man Killer, inspired by Owens paintings. Mungo Thomson, a friend of the artist, discusses her painting philosophy and her varied approach to making works specifically tailored for every space and situation.

On Michael Raedecker, Bert Verschaffel investigates his painting strategy and the unsettling effect of Raedeckers evocative paintings. Terry Myers explores Raedeckers sampling method derived from his music, fashion and artistic backgrounds that all meet on the canvas. Writer and novelist Dave Eggers wrote a story about a boy and his father to complement Raedecker and his winter-like paintings.

Also in this issue: Kurt W. Forster on Jeff Wall and Herzog & de Meurons Dominus Winery; Robert Storr on the relationship of Dieter Roth & Dorothy Iannone, and Konrad Bitterli on Swiss-American video artists Teresa Hubbard/Alexander Birchler.

Plus: Les Infos du Paradis: Christina Végh on Markéta Othová; Cumulus from America: Olav Westphalen on Mirroring Evil at the Jewish Museum, New York; Cumulus from Europe: Thomas Hahn on Metzger/Zimmerman/de Perrot; Balkon: Sheena Wagstaff on Artemisia Gentileschi; and a photographic Insert by musician Lou Reed.

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