September 30, 2002 - Artforum - October in Artforum
September 30, 2002

October in Artforum

October in Artforum

350 Seventh Ave, 19th Floor
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explores the multifaceted work of Cologne-based artist Kai Althoff. “Althoff is everywhere and nowhere, speaking in tongues, drawing as if he were someone else, as if the other invented (dreamed?) person had taken control of him. Figures he has created in his paintings may later appear outside the image, incarnated by the artist himself.”

Also in October: As a twenty-year survey of Carroll Dunham’s work goes on view at New York’s New Museum of Contemporary Art, the artist juxtaposes eccentric abstractionists, forgotten informel painters, cartoon favorites, and more in this month’s Artists Curate. Dunham: “Mostly it’s about putting myself in the middle of this bunch of things that either once did or now do help me think about what I do.”

Lisa Liebmann follows Nan Goldin’s retrospective as the six-venue tour nears its close: “Goldin’s human subjects have always been willing collaborators in the process of their own creation. They have at times also betrayed self-conscious foreboding and self-historicizing intent. Over the past few years, however, many seem more nearly to have become actors outright, cast in some auteurish version of their own life.”

Painter’s painter Blinky Palermo is remembered by historian Christine Mehring on the occasion of the German artist’s Barcelona retrospective. “It’s too bad the Blinky Palermo exhibition won’t be traveling to the United States. Four Palermo retrospectives have toured European cities since 1980, and none of them has made it to the artist’s beloved America. Palermo had moved to New York in 1973, but unfortunately, most of his work has somehow been left behind.”

Plus: Linda Benglis’s First Break, A Thousand Words from Santiago Sierra, Rhonda Lieberman on Derrida the movie, Glenn O’Brien on painter and album cover illustrator Mati Klarwein, Ronald Jones, Roe Ethridge, Adrian Piper, over 30 reviews from 20 cities worldwide, and more.

To preview the October issue, visit ribe/

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