September 20, 2002 - TRANS> - TRANS area at Art Forum Berlin
September 20, 2002

TRANS area at Art Forum Berlin

TRANS area at Art Forum Berlin
September 26 – 30, 2002 Booth 20-21/14


Next week at Art Forum Berlin TRANS> area will present a special project by Anton Vidokle entitled Popular Geometries. This large-scale wall installation, composed of an arrangement of adhesive vinyl logotypes derived from corporate logos of former Socialist Block companies, makes reference to both the history of painting and to the trade-fair as its site.

These logotypes are design descendents of the utopian universal language of modernist abstraction and their introduction into the context of an art forum in a large-scale wall composition is a way of highlighting that relationship. As a reference to the trade fair as its site, the installation mimicks the presentation of logos in the display booths at industrial trade fairs. The Berlin Messe carries added significance as a context for this work in that many of the companies represented by these logos were absorbed into German industry after the privatization which swept Eastern Europe after the fall of the Berlin wall.

Related works by Anton Vidokle have recently been presented in group exhibitions at Musee d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, Museo Carrillo Gil, Mexico DF., and The Project, LA.

TRANS> area, a new not-for-profit exhibition space in Chelsea, is an extension of the discourse that has been developed by TRANS> in print.


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