September 12, 2002 - Artimo - Archis is… Dutch
September 12, 2002

Archis is… Dutch

Archis is... Dutch

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If Dutch Design is the answer, what exactly is the question?

Despite the serious spatial implications, the big debate about the tasks confronting this country, this region and this world migration, mobility, ageing, congestion, new lifestyles, depletion of natural resources, digitalization, biotechnology, etc. has had precious little input from architecture. Architecture is pretty good at drawing inspiration from culture, but does it give inspiration in return? For a country that has scored so many successes by virtue of its design, the answer must surely not be in the negative.

Archis #5, in bookshop and kiosk from early September. Or check

or GET A FREE COPY from September 6 at the DUTCH PAVILION in VENICE during the The 8th International Architecture Biennale which takes place from September 8 through November 3, 2002. The Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAi) is compiling the Dutch exhibition for this year’s Biennale, the theme of which is NEXT. The Dutch submission consists of the five projects nominated for the first NAi Prize. The title of the exhibition is: FRESH FACTS: Young Dutch architecture / NAi Prize 2002 nominations

a selection of Artimo publications: Carlos Amorales; Emanuelle Antille; Yael Davids; Onno Dirker; Meschac Gaba; Jeanne van Heeswijk; Philippine Hoegen; Hans van Houwelingen; Erik Kessels, Jeroen Kooijmans, Kiki Lamers; Dana Lixenberg; Gabriel Orozco; Glenn Sorensen; Philippe Terrier-Hermann; Lidwien van de Ven, Erik Wesselo/Will Oldham; a.o.

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