August 29, 2002 - TEOR/éTica - art + thought
August 29, 2002

art + thought

art + thought

Apdo. 4009-1000 San José, Costa Rica

left: Priscilla Monge: semiótica/ambigüedad. Texto de Virginia Pérez- Ratton., San José, Costa Rica, Febrero 1999, 24 pág. ISBN: 9968-9976-7-6 right: Carlos Jinesta: el cuerpo del bosque. Curaduría y texto de Santiago B. Olmo, introducción Virginia Pérez-Ratton. San José, Costa Rica, Febrero 2000, 24 pág. ISBN: 9968-899-01-1

TEOR/éTica: art + thought

A private, non-profit project, founded in 1999, and dedicated to the research and dissemination of the art produced in the Central American Isthmus, to the generation of thought around artistic practice, and to the strengthening of links within the region and towards the international artistic community. The ars TEOR/éTica Foundation is based in San José, Costa Rica and seeks to maintain a global outlook. It has four main areas of work

– local, regional and international curating

– publications

– theoretical events, conferences, library and reading room

– counselling and logistical support for local artists

TEOR/éTica has hosted almost twenty local and international exhibitions and has produced 18 publications since 1999. A complete list of these publications is available through our email address:

Prices range from US$ 7.00 to US$ 20 plus postage.

Among the artists TEOR/éTica has worked with are Federico Herrero, Priscilla Monge, Nadín Ospina, Louise Bourgeois, Patricia Belli, Carlos Capelán, Carlos Garaicoa, Ana Tiscornia

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