June 17, 2002 - Subliminal Kid Productions - Modern Mantra
June 17, 2002

Modern Mantra

Dj Spooky that Subliminal Kid (Paul D. Miller)
Modern Mantra


Subliminal Kid Productions

Subliminal Kid Productions is pleased to announce the release of “Modern Mantra”, a dj mix taken from the archives of Instinct Records/Shadow Records.

Shadow Records is an imprint of Instinct Records, one of America’s premiere electronic music labels. Mixed by New York’s hyperactive Dj Spooky that Subliminal Kid (Paul D. Miller), “Modern Mantra” contains original material from the likes of Moby, Dj Krush from Japan, Aesop Rock, Russel Mills featuring Bill Laswell and Sussan Deyhim, Brazil’s Amon Tobin (who appears on this mix under the pseudonym “Cujo”), Dj Cam of France, Dj Goo a.k.a. the Gooster of Switzerland, Terre Thaemlitz remixed by Sub Dub, Prototype 909, and many other avant garde hip-hop and electronic music artists from around the world. “I like to think of dj mix culture as a hybrid between what Duchamp invoked with his “roto-relief” kinetic sculptures and what Grand Master Flash was thinking about when he made his “Adventures on the Wheels Of Steel” back in the 1980′s, but this is global… mixing is an artform of selection, and so are mantras – the “changing same” – that’s the sound of the electric world I guess..” “Modern Mantra” takes the listener into the realms of electronic music from the viewpoint of a record label that has been a primary mover in the electronic music scene for most of the last decade, and it mixes elements from inspirations as diverse as Sun Ra, Charlie Parker, and dub reggae “versions” of Jamaica’s “Mad Professor” to more electronic artists like Kraftwerk and Afrika Bambaata into a seamless text of the contempoprary artform of dj’ing. Dj Spooky takes music into a realm of sound as art, and art as sound.

The record is available in most stores that sell electronic music worldwide, and is also for sale on most music oriented websites on the internet.

Dj Spooky will also be performing at Documenta 11 with Joan Jonas in August, and the Ecosystem v 2.0 festival in Brazil sponsored by Greenpeace. More info on these events and Dj Spooky’s many other tour dates and various projects can be found at: www.djspooky.com

Sound Clips of the “Modern Mantra” mix, and reviews from MTV News, Rolling Stone, Remix Magazine, and many other magazines can be found at both: www.djspooky.com and www.shadowrecords.com

Subliminal Kid Productions
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