June 10, 2002 - Manifesta - M A N I F E S T A 4
June 10, 2002

M A N I F E S T A 4

M A N I F E S T A 4
25 May – 25 August 2002



Manifesta 4 opened its doors on 25 May.

The programs and presentations will be on show untill 25 August 2002

and we are looking forward to seeing you in Frankfurt.

Please check the updated program calendar at our web site www.manifesta.de

and also have a look at the discussion forum at www.e-manifesta.org

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Phone: +49 69 405895-808, Fax: +49 69 405895-975 Email: info@manifesta.de

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The City of Frankfurt/Main hosts the European Biennial of Contemporary Art, Manifesta 4.

>From 25 May to 25 August 2002, artists and artists’ groups living and working in Europe, the curators, the organizational team and the City of Frankfurt are supporting and stimulating each other in order to create a dialogue, a flux among themselves stressing the different realities of individuals and the way people work together. The Manifesta 4 project has developed through a long process of collaboration among three curators: Iara Boubnova, Founding Director of the Institute of Contemporary Art in Sofia, Nuria Enguita Mayo, Chief Curator at Fundació Antoni Tàpies in Barcelona, and Stéphanie Moisdon Trembley, an independent curator and co-founder of bdv (bureau des videos) in Paris, along with the support of many institutions and individuals in Frankfurt and throughout Europe.

The Manifesta 4 project includes permanent displays of works at the exhibition venues, a video-landscape, presentations, broadcasting projects in collaboration with radio and tv, performances, video programs and a continuous discussion forum on the internet. Projects in the public urban domain will supplement the exhibition venues at various locations in the city’s topography.

Participants include:

0100101110101101.org / Halil Altindere / Daniel García Andújar / Apsolutno / Ibon Aranberri / Olivier Bardin / Yael Bartana / Massimo Bartolini / Elisabetta Benassi / Marc Bijl / Pierre Bismuth / Bleda y Rosa / BLESS / Lionel Bovier / Luchezar Boyadjiev / Jasper van den Brink / Fernando Bryce / Gerard Byrne / The Construction & Deconstruction Institute / Roberto Cuoghi / Jonas Dahlberg / Katy Deepwell / Dagmar Demming / Branislav Dimitrijeviπ / Esra Ersen / Jon Mikel Euba / Jeanne Faust / João Fernandes / Zlatan Filipoviπ / finger / Christoph Fink / Nina Fischer & Maroan el Sani / Dirk Fleischmann / Andreas Fogarasi / Luke Fowler / Andrea Geyer / Alonso Gil / Lyudmila Gorlova / Davide Grassi / Pia Greschner / Igor Grubin / Anna Gudmundsdottir / Alban Hajdinaj / Lise Harlev / Jens Hoffmann (with Natascha Sadr Haghighian & Tino Sehgal) / Institut für Kulturanthropologie und Europäische Ethnologie, Frankfurt/Main / Takehito Koganezawa / Erden Kosova / Andreja Kulun∂iπ / Franck Larcade / Antal Lakner / Anton Litvin / Gintaras Makareviπius / Ján Mancuzka / Líga Marcinkevica / Mathieu Mercier / Suzana Milevska / Gianni Motti / Ivan Moudov / Vanessa Joan Müller / Oliver Musovik / Olivier Nottellet / OHIO Photomagazine / Maria Papadimitriou / Florian Pumhösl / Tobias Putrih / RADEK Community / Sal Randolph / ROR – Revolutions on Request / Revolver – Archiv für aktuelle Kunst / Gianni Romano / Pia Rönicke / rraum-rraum02-ideoblast / Hedwig Saxenhuber / Hans Schabus / Kalin Serapionov / Bruno Serralongue / Erzen Shkololli / Sancho Silva / Monika Sosnowska / Laura Stasíulytë / Mika Taanila / Nomeda & Gediminas Urbonas / Edin Vejseloviπ / Jochen Volz / wemgehoertdiestadt / Måns Wrange / Haegue Yang / Jun Yang / Zapp / Artur Zmijewski

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