April 29, 2002 - Artimo - “Underworld”
April 29, 2002



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Artimo is proud to present:

The Barcelona Project

“Underworld”, the result of The Barcelona Project, a co-operation of three different disciplines: photography (Michiel van Nieuwkerk), writing (Yoeri Albrecht) and graphic design (Agata Zwierzyñska). Intending for it to become a detective photo-comic, the story based on the classical “Faust” by Goethe, was shot on the streets of Barcelona in a work period of two weeks, using the city as a natural background for the fight between the Good and the Bad.

The book became a literal as well as an associative sample of films, music, lyrics, photographs, poetry, literature and the media building around Fausts classic tale. With its innovative form creating a new story, it intended to fit in at newsstands, art bookshops, comic book shops and plain bookstores.

The project researched the borders of each discipline and tried to cross them to make their inter-action more alive and exciting, both for the project participants as well as the intended readers. “Underworld”, the dummy publication, offers a broad range of just over a 100 full color photocopied pages, treated as double-spreads, aims at surprising and challenging the viewer, yet its glossy recycling makes it readable, enjoyable and recognizable at the same time.

“Underworld” © 2002 ISBN 90-75380-42-9

For more information please go to: www.lostart.nl

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