April 2, 2002 - Deutsche Bank KunstHalle - Deutsche Bank Collection starts ArtChat
April 2, 2002

Deutsche Bank Collection starts ArtChat

Deutsche Bank Collection starts ArtChat

Friends Deutsche Bank


The Deutsche Bank Collection is opening new exhibition rooms at www.friends-deutsche -bank.com: At Friends Deutsche Bank, art lovers and the simply curious can enjoy contemporary art under a fictive virtual identity in lounge, customer area and offices, as well as chat with other visitors. A plan of the building and overview of the art works ensures that visitors will not get lost on these virtual bank premises. The rooms feature pictures and sculptures by artists such as Damien Hirst, Wilhelm Lehmbruck, Gabriele M√ľnter or Gerhard Richter. Here Friends can meet together to discuss art and take part in a virtual guided tour of the collection.

The Deutsche Bank exhibits 50,000 works of art in branches and offices around the world. Under the motto Art at Work, at the end of the seventies the Bank started to put together what was to become the biggest corporate collection in the world. The Bank extended its commitment to art with the foundation of the Deutsche Guggenheim Berlin exhibition hall in 1997, and with the inauguration of Moment, the international series of temporary art projects in 2001. In addition, works from the Deutsche Bank Collection are presented in exhibitions both in Germany and abroad.

Friends Deutsche Bank continues the tried and tested recipe of Art at Work, reflecting this unique blend of art and the workplace. ArtChat makes it possible for all those interested to participate in Art Deutsche Bank activities such as guided tours and discussions with artists, independent of time and place.

Friends Deutsche Bank offers art and communication in a virtual work environment: a unique ArtChat in which Friends old and new can meet together!

For more information go to: www.friends-deutsche -bank.com

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