March 3, 2002 - Whitney Museum of American Art -
March 3, 2002

Whitney Biennial
March 5, 2002

Whitney Museum of American Art
945 Madison Avenue, NYC

Michael Rees, flash “Turntable”.

The Whitney Biennial will open on Wednesday, March 5, 2002, simultaneously with the Gala for the Whitney Biennial, in front of the Whitney Museum of American Art at 945 Madison Avenue at 75th Street, New York.

A demo of the, an online exhibition created by Miltos Manetas and organized by the and, will be visible on the back door of 23 U-Haul trucks, transformed into monitors. The trucks will surround the Museum from 6-11 pm.

Participating curators/writers/organizations:

Jan Aman, Andreas Angelidakis,, Stefano Chiodi, Joshua Decter, Laurence Dreyfus, Alex Galloway, Paul Groot, Patrick Lichty, Peter Lunenfeld, Lev Manovich, Magda Sawon,, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Marisa Olson, Michele Thursz, Roosavelt Savage, Philippe Vergne, Olivier Zahm and Purple Magazine.

Participating artists/architects/designers/neensters:, mark amerika, andreas angelidakis, vanessa beecroft, jeffery bennett, tobias bernstrup, boy in static, christophe bruno, mez breeze, ed burton, mike calvert,, larry carlson, sarah ciracì ,kathleen cullen & witold riedel, chiaki ,taro chiezo, claude closky, jennifer and kevin mccoy, ndrew childs, michael cina, jordan crane, thomas demand, décosterd & rahm,, gabriele di matteo, reinier feijen, amy franceschini, ryan francesconi,foreign office architects,joel fox ,sylvie fleury,francesca gabbiani, liam gillick, gnac, mmichael grace,valery grancher, richard hoeck, carsten höller, heidrun holzfeind, han hoogerbrugge, alejandra jarabo, experimental jetset, roya jakoby, vincent johnson, thorsten iberl, young hae chang heavy industries, craig kalpakjan,mitchell kane, tim koh, yael kanarek, ulrika karlsson, kol mac studio ,joanna kostika, eleni kostika, katarina löfström, lot-ek architecture, marcos lutyens,,, j! ! ! onathan maghen, miltos manetas,, patrick marckesano, pablo margaría, ilias marmaras, jonathan milott, hidekazu minami, olivier mosset, nanogod,, marcos novak, mai ueda ,josh on, maria papadimitriou, scott patterson, françois perrin ,paul petrunia,paola pivi, angelo plessas, stéphane poirier, alexandros psychoulis, autumn rooney, marina rosenfeld, rafaël rozendaal, gerwald rockenschaub, sam samore, julia scher, steven schkolne, reiner strasser, nico stumpo,, john tremblay, nicola tosic,, ritsko utchida, petra trefzger, michael rees, bert vertes, leo villareal, jody zellen, david zerah, yi zhou.

Even if the is in “competition” with the Museum show, because it represents a different view of the actual visual reality, it is not an anti-show. It completes instead, the intention of the official show to “expose multiple, sometimes conflicting currents, as well as extraordinary works that fall outside of any conventional aesthetic definition”.

For more information go to:

Whitney Museum of American Art
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