February 11, 2002 - Aeroplastics Contemporary - Daniele Buetti:
February 11, 2002

Daniele Buetti:

Daniele Buetti
Dreams result in more dreams

Through the 16th of March, 2002

32 rue Blanche
B-1060 Brussels Belgium
T 32 2 537 22 02


We are immersed in the warm light of Buetti’s newest installations, a
flowing merge of light, comparable to liquid salts in a batik bath.
Nothing is unnatural and yet all is fantasy. Is it possible to overcome
the conflict between good and bad? Can a human become an idol? Or does
he regress to the animal motivated by sexual erection? Buetti is a
Gnostic. This leads to the latent uncanniness, the transcendence in the
sophistication of his style. Far removed from a fixed product, his work
is a perpetual bricolage on the way to a balance between perfection and
the individual. Beautiful, media-defined commercial sirens, vamps, are
at the base of his work. Buetti reveals the banality of their
monstrosity, awakening in the viewer ambivalent notes of both repulsion
and desire. Pavlov’s yearning is unbroken.

This disposition is a distant reminder of Baudelaire and Wilde and their
aesthetic nausea versus a vulgar public and their own impotence to
intimacy. What is left is the Utopia of the beauty of a particular
lifestyle modelled by music, the media, and consumerism. Buetti
recuperates the products of our affluent society, together with their
ever more finely tuned social signals. All is message and nothing serves
purpose alone.

The aesthetics of year 2000 Jugendstil are defined by flustered
trend-setters from the arts and the media. Considering the chase in
mass-culture, Buetti’s art lounges around in almost value-conservative
boredom. His promotional messages perforating the image world, are
gratifying iridescent tautologies in front of their fluorescent source
of light.

Not only the images, but also the verbal oaths operate with desire and
sexual fantasies. The written lines remind us of the surreal moment of
pollution when, roused from his dreams with a start, the poet sees the
platitude of his latest “icriture automatique”. With Buetti the
Surrealists’ sublime “cadavre exquis” is a long decayed look-alike -
over the catwalk to the scaffold and back.

However, the address of desire is not only sex, but also reason. The
paradox of such cheap and yet precious temptations is that dreams and
nightmares can be measured against reality. In order to make this quite
clear, Buetti opens a concealed door to classic tragedy.

A window points to the wide screen of Hollywood feelings. Buetti, just
like film-maker Tim Burton, exploits worn out myths and crosses
credibility, reason, churlishness, and fascination. He stages a contest
between colourful shadows and soft tones for the soul of modern man, the
eternal orphan.

Juri Steiner

NEW: virtual visit of previous exhibition : John ISAACS >> www.aeroplastics.ne

Special thanks to PRO HELVETIA , EMPORIO ARMANI perfumes, BADOIT
springwater, ABSOLUT vodka

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Aeroplastics Contemporary
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