January 25, 2002 - Artimo - a new Artimo publication
January 25, 2002

a new Artimo publication

a new Artimo publication


OUT NOW a new Artimo publication
In almost every picture

In almost every picture is a collection of hundreds of photos taken by a husband of his wife during the years 1956 to 1968. They are remarkable for their consistency. They are relaxed, but arranged. Amateur, and professional at the same time. Everyday, yet unique. The collection was found on a Spanish flea market. The photographer and his model are until now unidentified. The wife is the centre of the image and gracefully poses in almost every picture. During twelve years we travel with her to different places. We see her age, and her hairstyles change. So does her taste in fashion.

After seeing a few of the portraits, we can instantly recognise the photographers style. First he carefully composes, then he takes the photograph, has it developed, and writes the date and location on the picture before, finally, adding it to the collection. Then he starts all over again.

The collection is unique because it turned out to be a reportage of twelve years that wasnt planned. The way the pictures are organised in In almost every picture was never intended. It gives us a chance to look inside a private collection of memories. If any relatives of the photographer or the subject come forward, the photos will be dutifully returned.

In almost every picture is a KesselsKramer book. Collected, edited and designed by Erik Kessels. Words by Tyler Wisnand. Published by Artimo, Amsterdam.

The book will be presented in the Actar gallery RAS, starting February 21,
2002. Address: Roca i Battle, E-08023, Barcelona.

ISBN 90-75380-41-0
retail price 24.95
Fokke Simonszstraat 8
NL- 1017 TG Amsterdam
T 31-20-330 2511
F 31-20-330 2512
E: gstork@lostboys.nl
W: www.lostart.nl

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