December 4, 2001 - Artforum - The Best of 2001
December 4, 2001

The Best of 2001

Top Ten x Ten: The Best of 2001


For Robert Rosenblum the Hirshhorn Museum’s “Clyfford Still” “rekindled faith in the painter’s craggy genius.” Kate Bush called Pierre Huyghe’s French pavilion at the Venice Biennial “a Gemantkunstwerk for the twenty-first century.” And David Rimanelli was among the “nothing if not critical” few who handed out some decidedly withering laurels: He called Shrin Neshat “the Chic of Araby,” anointing her “Possessed” the “campiest artwork of the year.”

To complement our regular contributors’ year-end roundups, we asked novelist and critic Susan Sontag, movie directors John Waters and Guy Maddin, novelist Dennis Cooper, New York Times music critic Ben Ratliff, and five others to do the honors for film and music.

John Waters on Larry Clark’s Bully: “My favorite movie of the year: a dirty true-crime sexploitation picture that dares to be art.”

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