October 11, 2001 - Subliminal Kid Productions - DJ Spooky’s new album
October 11, 2001

DJ Spooky’s new album

DJ Spooky's new album
09 October 2001

Subliminal Kid Productions 

To celebrate the release of DJ Spooky’s new album “Under the Influence”, Subliminal Kid Productions is pleased to announce a “HAPPENING” based on conceptual art and dj culture. A portion of the proceeds will go to the photo installation of “Here is New York” on 116 Prince St’s fund with the CHILDREN’S AID SOCIETY 911 FUND – made to help the orphans of the terror.

When: This Friday, Oct. 12th from 9 pm to whenever…

Where: The Lunatarium – Jay & Water Streets in Dumbo Brooklyn – top floor… really big industrial space with a view of all three bridges between Manhattan and Brooklyn…. directions, details, and much more info about the event at www.dumboluna.com and a lot more info about DJ Spooky at www.djspooky.com

DJ Spooky that Subliminal Kid
Dj Assault from Detroit
Dj Singe from Soundlab
Akin Atoms from Byzar
Dj Duane from Other Music Record Store
Special Live event with Sussan Deyhim and Arto Lindsay with Dj Spooky

9pm until whenever…

It’s called “Under the Influence”… the artist is called “Dj Spooky that Subliminal Kid”… the mix is yet another sound art piece directed out at a world in geo-political upheaval… synchronia/synchronicity – pulling all the patterns together with sound… there’s tracks from Moby, Talvin Singh, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Future Sound of London, electro wild stylz from Anti-Pop Consortium, Phoenix Orion and Dj Hive, art music maestros Sonic Youth and Arto Lindsay, Dj Singe and MC Verb who do that legendary event in NYC called Soundlab… and there’s even turntablists like Mix Master Mike from the Beastie Boys and his Automator remix (Automator is the fellow behind the “Gorrilaz” virtual band), Kut Masta Kurt and his project with Kool Keith and Motion Man a.k.a. “The Masters of Illusion” and Dj DeckWreckka out of London, and the poet laureate of experimental hip-hop, Saul Williams… The album also features some of Dj Spooky’s remixes and collaborations with Sussan Deyhim – master of digital Persian music on a global scale…

Subliminal Kid Productions
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