October 10, 2001 - Cabinet - Cabinet magazine, Fall 2001
October 10, 2001

Cabinet magazine, Fall 2001

Cabinet magazine, Fall 2001

Cabinet magazine 

“I am no good with my hands. There’s no getting around it. I can’t fix anything. I can’t build anything. I can’t take apart anything. I even find ATMs troublesome. The little diagram on how to insert the card is very mysterious to me. I also don’t like having to put gas in an automobile. I can’t seem to squeeze the handle correctly; it’s always clicking.”

“So when the good editors of Cabinet asked me to be a guinea pig for making their cut-out art projects in this issue, I said, “I’m no good with my hands,” which is something I’ve said thousands of times before in various situations, including the first sentence of this essay. But this didn’t stop the Editors from insisting I take the job. I think their reasoning was that if I could make the objects, then anybody could.”

-Jonathan Ames, “I Tried!”, Cabinet magazine, Fall 2001

Paper sculpture projects by Paul Ramirez-Jonas, Eve Sussman, Sarah Sze, Pablo Vargas Lugo, and Allan Wexler.

Articles on disguised cell phone towers, “Guggenheimlichkeit,” the 1920 neo-Mayan revival in Los Angeles, Evin prison in Tehran, the covers of the Communist Manifesto, and more.

Plus a special section on “Animals”

For further information on the fall issue and subscriptions, go to
www.immaterial.net/cabinet or call 1 718 222 8434.

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