October 1, 2001 - chromosome  - Milestones in Prague’s evolvement of topical contemporary art
October 1, 2001

Milestones in Prague’s evolvement of topical contemporary art

Milestones in Prague's evolvement of topical contemporary art

chromosome gallery and center for contemporary art
christinenstraße 21
10119 berlin


Opening: 04. 10. 2001 starting 8 p.m

Milestones in Prague’s evolvement of topical contemporary art. 

Veronika Bromová, Jirí Cernicky, David Cerny, Veronika Drahotová, Roman Franta, Kristof Kintera 

The artists are present. 

music: babe ln : chromosome mix 

Remarkable elements in the development of young Czech Art occured in a matter of active passivity: A form of resisting devotion, playing with metaphors, which are discussed critically without the will to offer solutions. Current situations are concentrated with society-relevant brilliance. The political background might be the changes from communism to capitalism, most likely joining the European Union in a coming future for which many acquired a sarkastic candor and a kind of ignorant self-confidence. The opening of boundaries was not only discovered as a possibility of conquering the neighboring countries artistically, conversely some artists developed a fascinating and nevertheless critical professionalism through the distance from western reality. This goes hand in hand with the excellent quality in the work exhibited. The title “to flow to” can be read ambiguously: On the one hand it´s about the visualization of the readiness within the art, on the other hand chromosome attempts a consistent, natural establishment of artists from Central Europe. 

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