July 17, 2001 - Cabinet - Issue 3 of Cabinet magazine
July 17, 2001

Issue 3 of Cabinet magazine

Issue 3 of Cabinet magazine

Cabinet Magazine 

Who are the soil eaters? How did the US military try to change weather in Cuba? Where can you buy a fulgurite? What kind of marker do CIA agents use to redact declassified documents? Why did the Hungarian who attacked the Pieta in the Vatican keep hammering away at Mary’s eyes?

Answers in issue 3 of Cabinet magazine. A special section on “the weather” comes with a CD of sound artists who have used the weather to produce sounds.

Special art projects by Joe Amrhein and Spencer Finch and a postcard project by Mike Ballou.

Contributing writers and artists include Jonathan Ames, Olafur Eliasson, Douglas Gordon, Jeffrey Kastner, Jesse Lerner, Lytle Shaw, Joel Sternfeld, and Allen S. Weiss, and the Speculative Archive for Historical Classification.

Cabinet now on sale in independent bookstores, Barnes & Noble, Tower, and Hudson News.

See www.immaterial.net/cabinet for further information

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