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June 28, 2001


3 - 7 October 2001




The International Fair for Contemporary Art

Newsletter No. 1
26 June, 2001

The international program of ART FORUM BERLIN poised for success, cutting edge galleries from 28 countries present art at the pulse of today.

The participants in the sixth ART FORUM BERLIN have been chosen. Out of more than 500 applicants the admissions committee has selected approximately 170 galleries from 28 countries. From the 3rd to the 7th of October, galleries, publishers and special project booths will be presenting a current view of international contemporary art in Halls 21 to 23 at the Berlin Exhibition Grounds.

As Europes leading showcase for emergent and new production, ART FORUM BERLIN is especially sought after by international exhibitors. Following last years upswing in international participation, the proportion of international exhibitors is now even higher, at 61%. The profile of this fair has never been so international, with more countries being represented than ever before.

US galleries continue to be well represented: once again, the largest group among the international exhibitors is from the USA, numbering 18 in all.

but the British scene also commands a large presence: since last year the number of British galleries taking part in ART FORUM BERLIN has tripled to 16.

Scandinavia maintains a strong position: as in previous years the Nordic countries of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden are well represented, with 14 galleries.

Further increase among galleries from Central- and Eastern Europe: there are now nine exhibitors from Central- and Eastern Europe, reflecting the positive development of the regions arts scene, and confirming Berlins role as a link between East and West. In addition to the four exhibitors from Russia, this year there will also be two galleries from Slovenia in Berlin, and one each from the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary.

Asian involvement increases: for the first time, in addition to two exhibitors from Japan, three of the leading galleries from China will be attending ART FORUM BERLIN.

Also taking part for the first time in Berlin will be one gallery each from Israel and from Iceland.

The Admissions Committee of the ART FORUM BERLIN 2001

Each year the composition of the admissions committee changes, but it always comprises five experienced gallerists and two well-known art experts/curators.
The committee members for 2001 are:

Massimo de Carlo, Galeria Massimo de Carlo, Milan
Carol Greene, Greene Naftali Gallery, New York
Rita Kersting, Director of the Kunstverein für die Rheinlande und
Westfalen, Düsseldorf (Rhineland and Westphalia Art Association)
Marina Schiptjenko, Galleri Andréhn-Schiptjenko, Stockholm
Rüdiger Schöttle, Gallerie Rüdiger Schöttle, Munich
Vicente Todoli, Director of the Museum Serralves, Porto

The panel is chaired by Thomas Schulte, Galerie Thomas Schulte, Berlin, representing EUROPEAN GALLERIES Projektgesellschaft. Barbara Weiss, Galerie Barbara Weiss, Berlin, assists as representative of the ART FORUM BERLIN
gallery advisory board.

Julian Nida-Rümelin, The Federal Government Commissioner for Cultural Affairs and the Media, is the patron of ART FORUM BERLIN 2001

The Federal Government Commissioner for Cultual Affairs and the Media, Julian Nida-Rümelin, has agreed to act as patron of ART FORUM BERLIN 2001 and will officially open the art fair on Tuesday, the 2nd of October. Concerning his involvement in this event, Nida-Rümelin stated: Apart from capable artists, art needs two things: public interest and a market, and if possible both should be on a worldwide scale. This applies in particular to young, contemporary art, which, because it is not yet established, often struggles to find acceptance… ART FORUM BERLIN contributes significantly in a number of ways towards this process of establishing contemporary art, by serving, for example, as a forum for communication with artists from different cultural regions.

Cutting edge, connections, good vibrations

ART FORUM BERLIN presents a radical, contemporary profile. According to Sabrina van der Ley, project manager for EUROPEAN GALLERIES: No other art fair is so consistent and daring in its approach to the art that is being produced at this moment. In Berlin the exhibitors are presenting ambitious and highly promising talents, and less of what is already well established. The gallerists are prepared to take a chance here, and collectors can still make some real discoveries. This view is confirmed by Paul Berg, a collector from Miami: A concentrated opportunity to get an overview of the cutting edge. For Giancarlo Politi, the publisher of Flash Art, Italy, ART FORUM BERLIN is the best European fair for young art and emerging artists.

The commitment of this fair to innovative forms of presentation and an experimental approach reflects the creative and dynamic atmosphere that is a feature of Berlin. The young arts scene in the German capital provides the ideal setting for the contemporary program of ART FORUM BERLIN. The fascination exerted by this cultural center and the many arts events surrounding the fair have reinforced the establishment of ART FORUM BERLIN as a regular date in the calendars of collectors, curators, gallerists and journalists from all over the world. Those who follow the development of the contemporary art landscape value this fair as a place for fresh discoveries and as a focal point for making and developing contacts.

Last year attendance at the fair exceeded 20,000 – 20% from abroad – as well as some 1,000 media representatives from 30 countries who were emphatic in their approval of ART FORUM BERLIN. Countless good vibrations and more widespread approval, strength, popularity among collectors and an enhanced spirit was the assessment of the Süddeutsche Zeitung regarding this fifth edition of the fair. Berlins Tagesspiegel also confirmed the exciting atmosphere, which has helped to establish the fair on a high international level in its fifth year.

An unbroken commitment by the main sponsor

Since 1997 Bankgesellschaft Berlin has acted as the main sponsor of ART FORUM BERLIN. It is due to this commitment that again two prizes will be awarded this year for outstanding stand arrangements, and additionally the COLLECTORS PROGRAM will continue to provide a personalised cultural program for leading collectors of contemporary art from the world over during the fair in Berlin.

Ideal conditions for exhibitors and visitors

Among other benefits, the ART FORUM BERLIN concept provides a generous setting for the event. The transfer last year to the larger, brighter Halls 21 to 23 at the Berlin Exhibition Grounds, with their ceiling height of 15 metres, has made this fair even more appealing and successful. The Düsseldorf financial publication Handelsblatt wrote that ART FORUM BERLIN 2000 presented a stronger identity in a new setting and an ideal appearance. Die Welt commented that ART FORUM BERLIN simply looks different to other fairs, and not just because it is new, young and fresh.

The uncluttered layout and the tried and tested arrangement of exhibiting galleries on an alphabetical basis make a tour of this event easy and enjoyable for its visitors. For gallerists, ART FORUM BERLIN ensures the ideal conditions for their presentations, and at favourable terms. The wall height of 3.50 m, which has been a regular feature in Berlin and has since been emulated by other fairs, gives exhibitors a self-contained and concentrated area for their presentations.

COLLECTORS FORUM BERLIN with a new series of talks

Not only is ART FORUM BERLIN active during the five days of the fair, it also provides many stimuli to the artistic growth of the city throughout the year and plays an active part in developing the collecting potential of the city. One example is provided by the COLLECTORS FORUM BERLIN. Now in its third year, it was established in 1999 as a meeting place for collectors in Berlin and provides its members with a number of informative and entertaining events involving collectors, artists, curators and experts on the art market.

The 1st COLLECTORS TALK this year took place on May 3rd in the Max-Liebermann-Haus on Pariser Platz. With an audience of over 100 guests, Uwe M. Schneede, the director of the Kunsthalle Hamburg, and the well-known Stuttgart collector Rudolf Scharpff discussed the relationship between Collectors and Museums, active involvement, power and influence, the passion for collecting, and the origins of the Scharpff collection. More talks are planned for July and

.Kunstherbst Berlin/Autumn of Art in Berlin 2001: art in motion

ART FORUM BERLIN is one of the highlights of .Kunstherbst Berlin, the Autumn of Art in Berlin, when the capitals art scene reaffirms its international position following the summer break.

Using the slogan: art in motion, from September 1st through November 3rd, 2001, numerous museums and institutions will be presenting exhibitions, panel discussions, conversations with artists, symposiums and readings, and will be opening their doors for an Autumn Night of Art.

The following are some of the exhibitions that can be seen during the ART FORUM BERLIN:

Andy Warhol, Neue Nationalgalerie, Staatliche Museen Preußischer Kulturbesitz (2 Oct. 6 Jan. 2002)

Frank L. Wright the living city, Vitra Design Museum Berlin (8 Jun. 14 Oct.)

Christoph Keller Encyclopaedia Cinematografica (7 Jul. 4 Oct.), Henry Darger (7 Jul. 17 Nov.), Contemporary Art from France (29 Sept. 17 Nov.), Heike Baranowsky (6 Oct. 17 Nov.), KUNST-WERKE BERLIN

Art in China Today (20 Sept. 18 Nov.), quobo-Art in Berlin 1989-1999 (28 Sept. 18 Nov.), Hamburger Bahnhof, Museum für Gegenwart Berlin

On the Sublime: Mark Rothko, Yves Klein, James Turrell, Deutsche Guggenheim Berlin (7 Jul.- 7 Oct.)

June 2001. New Acquisitions: Photography, Video, Mixed Media and works from the Collection (16 Jun. 21 Oct.) DaimlerChrysler Contemporary, Haus Huth, Potsdamer Platz

Documenta, Platform 1, Democracy Unrealized, Haus der Kulturen der Welt (7 30 Oct.)

Hybrid Video Tracks, Neue Gesellschaft für bildende Kunst (1 Sept. 7 Oct.)

Christo & Jeanne Claude Works in Progress, Neuer Berliner Kunstverein (8 Sept. 30 Dec.)

Christo & Jeanne Claude Early Works, 1958-69 Verhüllter Reichstag, 1971-95, Martin-Gropius-Bau (8 Sept. 30 Dec.)

Unpacking Europe, Haus der Kulturen der Welt (14 Sept. 11 Nov.)

Richard Tuttle Perceived Obstacles (23 Sept. 18 Nov.), Erwin Heerich (23 Sept. – 20 Jan. 2002), Akademie der Künste

Sophie Tottie, daadgalerie (23 Sept. 4 Nov.)

Artistic Positions from Albania, ifa Galerie (17 Aug. 14 Oct.)

Laszlo Moholy-Nagy Vision in Motion, Bauhaus-Archiv (5 Apr. 15 Oct.)

Autumn Night of Art and tour of galleries in Berlin-Mitte (6 Oct.)

Mariele Neudecker (6 Oct. 28 Nov.), Marjetica Potrc (5 14 Oct.), Stephanie Snider (5 14 Oct.), Künstlerhaus Bethanien

Transatlantic New York galleries at the Löwenpalais during ART FORUM BERLIN, Stiftung Starke (5 13 Oct.)

Regina Schmeken The New Mitte District Photographs 1989 2000, Haus der Commerzbank (1 26 Oct.)

Everyday Life Art: 10 years of the Goldrausch Women Artists Project, Haus am Waldsee (24 Aug. 7 Oct.)

All above details are subject to possible change.

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