May 2, 2001 - frieze - It’s May’s frieze!
May 2, 2001

It’s May’s frieze!

It's May's frieze!


“Among Leonardo da Vinci’s notes on art is a brief essay on how to remember a face….. He recommends that you first memorize the various kinds of eyes, noses, chins, mouths, necks and shoulders.  There are for example, ten categories of nose: the straight, the bulbous, the hollow, the prominent, the aquiline, the regular, the simian, the round and the pointed” 
Jonathan Jones on Art & Caricature

It’s May’s frieze, and it’s got a beautiful cover! 

Inside you’ll find the unpublished work of Robert Crumb, Raymond Pettibon’s secret history, Oh! Superman, Tal R, Haruki Murakami, Hergé and Andy Warhol hanging out – looking cool, A Grotesque Old Woman, uh, Britney Spears, Marcel Dzama, Philippe Thomas, and artists’ animations… which brings me back to the cover – check out that man Priit Pärn.

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