April 18, 2001 - Gabrius - Gabrius moves to New York
April 18, 2001

Gabrius moves to New York

Gabrius moves to New York


Gabrius, the Milan-based multimedia art company for finance, e-commerce and culture, has recently expanded to New York City and is pleased to announce the release of several new services in its expanding base of in-depth art world resources. 

First, Gabrius is now publishing a new international edition of the highly regarded art magazine Tema Celeste, providing features, news and editorial insight into the complex world of contemporary art today. Established in 1984 in Milan, Italy, and acquired by Gabrius in 1998, Tema Celeste includes print and online editions featuring artist profiles, exhibition reviews, art world news and more. To subscribe e-mail to subscriptions@temaceleste.com or visit www.temaceleste.com .

An additional Gabrius resource is Gabrius Editions, which publishes work by emerging, mid-career, and established international contemporary artists for sale through its Milan gallery, New York offices and online at www.gabriusprintstore.com . Editions include multiples and graphics, some presented with monographs produced exclusively by Gabrius. Among the latest offerings are the works of internationally recognized Citibank Prize candidate Hellen van Meene, new multiples by Joseph Kosuth and Michelangelo Pistoletto and an important, terra-cotta encased edition by Mimmo Paladino, as well as multiples by Do-Ho Suh, Julian Schnabel and Timothy Greenfield-Sanders. For information about Gabrius Editions please call (212) 813-3311, visit www.gabriusprintstore.com or e-mail to info@gabriusprintstore.com.

And finally, Alberico Cetti Serbelloni Editore, a high-end publishing division, produces quality books in limited editions by artists including Paladino and hot art world portrait photographer Timothy Greenfield-Sanders. Its upcoming publication is a surprisingly unusual book by Enzo Cucchi, on the cutting edge of the Italian Transvanguardia. For information, please visit www.gabriusprintstore.com or call (212) 813-3311.

In fall 2001, Gabrius will announce the roll-out of additional services that will be extremely valuable to collectors, art professionals and financial institutions and promise to have a significant impact on the art market.

We invite you to explore the world of Gabrius through sampling some of these exciting new services and stay tuned for more to come this fall!

400 Madison Avenue, New York NY 10017, U.S.A.
Piazza Borromeo 10, 20123 Milano, Italy

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