September 6, 2000 - Manifesta -
September 6, 2000

Manifesta 3 


On June 23rd 2000, Manifesta 3 opened in Ljubljana, Slovenia and according to the program will span the tenure of time through September 22, 2000. The direct inference is that the event exists and/or is being hosted ‘someplace’ within a specific plane of time. But can Manifesta be anyplace, anytime?

Manifesta is an ongoing experiment.  It travels, it is multi-curatorial and it explores emerging voices in the contemporary visual practice. But is it innovative in terms of display?  Even under the aforementioned experimental conditions, a show may arise that is even more local, more object-oriented, more compromise-driven than before. To avoid such regression, Virtual Manifesta has been revealed on the Internet. The website aspires to transcend individual authorship and material work realized in confined physical spaces.  It avoids representation of regions and disciplines. It offers creative environments that are linked to others via unpredictable trajectories.  It investigates the virtual.  It is a Virtual Manifesta.


Projects:  Martine De Maeseneer, Ginger Freeman, Laura Kurgan, Albert Weis, Oliver Ressler, Fat, Wim Cuyvers

Virtual Manifesta is curated and produced by Ole Bouman

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