Artistic-research project and web application

Artistic-research project and web application

The Dynamic Archive

May 27, 2022
Artistic-research project and web application
University of the Arts Bremen
Am Speicher XI 8
D-28217 Bremen

The Dynamic Archive sets out to discuss, probe, and develop questions about performativity and the dynamics of an artistic-scientific archive in today’s knowledge culture. Its focus is on theatre and performance, media arts and design, as well as on software design. 

Collaborative work and sharing, copying and further use of modules developed by other members of a network in particular have become practices in communities in the arts, design and academia in recent years. At The Dynamic Archive, artists and designers provide their working methods and processes (as notations, software, patterns, scores, tools, rules, texts, principles), in order to make these resources available for others to use and further develop. In the context of The Dynamic Archive, these working methods and processes are referred to as “components”. The archive allows for the copying and modification of already archived components. These modified copies are referred to as “versions”. The “version” of a component preserves the connection to its source component. In this respect, the curated platform is as much a tool as it is a collection. Most of the components are gathered within The University of the Arts Bremen. To create Versions, we invite artists and designers outside of the University as well.

Next to the web application, the research project includes a series of other activities such as conferences and workshops, exhibitions and performances, publications and the artist in residency program. These formats aim to contribute to the development of an open and collaborative platform with regional and international dimensions to examine and experiment with the structures of The Dynamic Archive, as it sets to advance critical positions.

As of 2021 The Dynamic Archive, as well, acts as a publisher and is a publisher. The Dynamic Archive 03 is the first publication within the project.

The Dynamic Archive 01 has been an online platform since 2018. The Version Room is the physical gallery space is known as The Dynamic Archive 02. And The Dynamic Archive 03 is a series of books whose first volume is now here.

It compiles various margin notes and contexts related to the components of the online platform and the themes of collaborative work in the context of art, which were presented, performed or heard at certain points within the context of the artistic-scientific research project The Dynamic Archive. These were the starting points for contributions to this book. The archive’s various framings are interrupted by numerous, very different Definitions of The Dynamic Archive written by invited artists, designers, and scientists who have had experiences with The Dynamic Archive, all of which demonstrate that The Dynamic Archive is a great many things simultaneously.

Contributions range from artists who worked with us in our Artist in Residency program, such as Ho Tzu Nyen, Antonia Baehr, Eva Meyer Keller and Sebastian Lütgert, to artists and designers who were invited to give a lecture like Susanne Kennedy, MPA, Emma Hedditch or Sven Jonke from Numen / For Use, as well as many others who contributed with their components or within the program Version Room. The book is divided in 3 chapters, Version Room, Events and Artists in Residence with an addition of 23 definitions of The Dynamic Archive woven between the texts.

The Dynamic Archive 03 / Issue 1 / Edited by Andrea Sick, Irena Kukric / Copyediting, proofreading, translations by Allison Mosley / Design by Franziska Bauer.

Contributions by: Florian Ackermann, Victor Artiga Rodriguez, Antonia Baehr, Ralf Baecker, Franziska Bauer, Heike Kati Barath, Harm Coordes, Jorn Ebner, Aria Farajnezhad, Ana Filipović, Elburuz Fidan, Anja Groten, Emma Hedditch, Lena Heins, Julian-Anthony Hespenheide, Iris Maria vom Hof, Pirkko Husemann, Moritz Ingwersen, Charlotte Jarvis, Susanne Kennedy, Irena Kukrić, Ingmar Lähnemann, Leon Lothschütz, Sebastian Lütgert, Mona Mahall, Katrin von Maltzahn, Johanna Mehl, Ixchel Mendoza Hernández, Eva Meyer-Keller, MPA, Numen / For Use, Henrik Nieratschker, Ho Tzu Nyen, Lucas Odahara, Dennis P. Paul, Luiza Prado, Marijana Radović, Iulia Radu, Guida Ribeiro, Emilia Schlosser, Asli Serbest, Pablo Somonte Ruano, Raphael Sbrzesny, Mona Schieren, Carmem Saito, Andrea Sick, Luiz Zanotello.

Visit Order the book online @ mottobooks.

*Images above: (1) The Dynamic Archive logo (2) The Dynamic Archive homepage. Captured on May 17, 2022. (3) “Untie – Unite” residency, as part of the Program Version Room, hosted by Circa106 in Bremen. Lucas Odahara (left) and Elburuz Fidan (right) referenced their respective component and version, available online in The Dynamic Archive, exploring the possibilities in a gallery space. December 2020. (4) “The Dynamic Archive 03” book release event in October 2021 at The University of The Arts Bremen. (5) Edited by Irena Kukric & Andrea Sick. Published by The Dynamic Archive. (6) On the left: text from “Manifesto 04” by Dennis Paul & Andrea Sick. On the right: text from the “Definition” by Johanna Mehl. (7) On the left: text from “Rethinking Theater” by Susanne Kennedy. On the right: Scene from “Ultraworld” by Susanne Kennedy and Markus Selg at Volkbühne 2020 (Photo of the play taken by Julian Rödner). (8) On the left/right: “Definition” text and illustration by Heike Kati Barath.

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The Dynamic Archive
May 27, 2022

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