Exhibitions: MFA Art 2022 Thesis Exhibitions: USC Roski School of Art and Design

Exhibitions: MFA Art 2022 Thesis Exhibitions: USC Roski School of Art and Design

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June 23, 2022
Exhibitions: MFA Art 2022 Thesis Exhibitions: USC Roski School of Art and Design
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MFA Art 2022 Thesis Exhibitions: USC Roski School of Art and Design

A ceramic unicorn skeleton, salt and queer desire, mycelium growth, the politics of shade in paint, and poetry on camouflage netting. All conjure the USC Roski School of Art and Design MFA in Art 2022 graduates: Jessica Taylor Bellamy, Erin Eleniak, Franchesca Flores, Lainey Racah, and Sophia Alana Stephenson. Despite spending part of graduate school in various degrees of social isolation, the group became a close-knit and determined cohort. Their exhibitions have strong connections to ecological theories and fluidity, which the artists work through with humor, the uncanny, fantasy, poetry, camp, personal and historical narratives, and material inventiveness.

While the artists’ use of materials—eco-handmade plastics, spinach, scavenged car parts, “free dirt” found on Craigslist, encrusted salt—is foregrounded by their physical presence, equally present are personal narratives, collected texts made into poetry, literary and filmic references, and archives in the form of newspapers and images. This group works across many mediums at once: from painting to video, from sculpture to ceramics, from printmaking to installation, with performance often present in recorded form. USC Roski couldn’t be more thrilled to share their MFA thesis exhibitions.

USC Roski MFA Thesis Exhibitions at the USC Roski Graduate Gallery, Los Angeles:
Erin Eleniak, “Journey to the End of the Cul-de-sac,” March 4 –11, 2022
Franchesca Flores, “mater-ials,” March 25–April 1, 2022
Lainey Racah, “Internal Violet,” April 8–16, 2022
Sophia Alana Stevenson, “…a perpetual sunrise,” April 22–30, 2022
Jessica Taylor Bellamy, “Present Myth, Future Fantasy,” May 5–14, 2022

Photos: Ryan Miller / Capture Imaging.

Featuring Jessica Taylor BellamyErin EleniakFranchesca FloresLainey Racah, and Sophia Alana Stevenson.

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June 23, 2022

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