Windy Fur Rundgren/Märren: Dialogue of an Instrument/Dial to Open Call in Public Space

Windy Fur Rundgren/Märren: Dialogue of an Instrument/Dial to Open Call in Public Space

Curatorial Program for Research

Windy Fur Rundgren/Märren. Photo: Karl-Oskar Gustafsson.

January 3, 2023
Windy Fur Rundgren/Märren
Dialogue of an Instrument/Dial to Open Call in Public Space
January 4–14, 2023
Opening: January 4, 6–8pm
Performance: January 12, 7–9pm
Curatorial Program for Research
2557 Lorimer Street
11211 Brooklyn NY
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“This exhibition is a poetic archive with art from the shadows of the shadows. Directed by a chain of meetings and collaborations with people not being able to play the game. Still playing on a larger instrument. Helped by Internet as a way of connecting dreams and new languages.”  

Märren/Windy Fur Rundgren is invited to inaugurate the 2023 program at CPR2 in Brooklyn, New York. Curatorial Program for Research’s ambition with this new venue is to support and present the work of artists that communicates on many levels, who bring forth images and stories that have transformative potential. Once you encounter Märren’s work, it never rests in your mind and some motifs evidently never leaves her alone; such as the impossible double piano-body that manifests itself in many of her imaginaries and images. 

Bringing together collected material, letters, paintings, marks from the past, fanzines, music and poems in an all-compassing installation Märren/ Rundgen invites visitors at CPR2 to engage with a body of work that talks about the things we carry within us and how that connects with others. She brings forth dialogues, shared narratives and trust between her and fellow creators around the world:

“Art has been sent to me via snail post from people I chat with or follow by little glimpses on social media platforms. Mostly IG. Nameless people and people with different unique names. Unique Art. Surfing is part of nature J a long snake at the bottom of the sea, sending electricity wave foam, ascends land as tool for multiple Venus rebirths. People living on the bottom as sea sludge are like nutrition of Mother Nature’s placenta, hidden truths of Lights. So Grateful being able to first; find their art, but also proud to have this opportunity being invited in a public space, and share it. It’s a drop of well-meaning in a beautiful ocean, but amongst reasons it is a signal from an ongoing dial, that reminds me that we all are part of unlocking Life.

Living a dull every day harsh life, we can still adapt believe to Nature as an igniting spark. Way of surviving through creative dreaming. In 1840–44 the Fanzine The Dial published articles, critiques, essays as a collective dream on a new society, a New America, the New American. Spiritual and political meanings that were, in part, the product of Transcendentalist inspiration. Margaret Fuller, Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Fredrika Bremer, William Cooper Nell to mention a few. 

It has to do with an early feeling of being controlled. I early left home hitchhiking just of the feeling of being free. It took over a year before I phoned home. Hiding in a cave, I didn’t want to come out. The world was too harsh, and I needed to protect the beat I still felt inside, the Sun, that inner Church. I see a lot of people moving in the tunnels. These people seldom survive. But some do. We are living shadows broken arrows. In a World where Big Mama knitting warm clothes for those who are cancelled, frozen out from the society. Thank You All.”

About CPR2:
Having worked out of Brooklyn, NYC, since 2015, creating elaborate exchange and research programs for curators in various cities and regions throughout the world, Curatorial Program for Research now have a permanent presence on Lorimer Street, Williamsburg. The space functions as a residency program, gallery and event location bringing the local audience and international artists together. The inaugural year has a strong focus on artists from the Swedish and Nordic art scene and is curated by CPR:s European Director Susanne Ewerlöf together with guest curators from CPR:s vast network.

Opening: Wednesday, January 4 at 6–8pm. Refreshments will be served.
Performance: Thursday, January 12 at 7–9pm.
Opening hours (January 5–14): Wednesday–Sunday 12–6pm and by appontment.

The exhibition is  made possible through generous support by The Swedish Arts Council.

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Curatorial Program for Research
January 3, 2023

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