Idealism is not enough, mutuality will save us

Idealism is not enough, mutuality will save us

Arts of the Working Class

January 19, 2023
Idealism is not enough, mutuality will save us
Arts of the Working Class
Lynarstrasse 38
13533 Berlin

Since 2018, the street newspaper Arts of the Working Class (AWC) has been bridging the gap between artists, academics, urbanists, art institutions, and the most vulnerable members of society across countries and in different languages. In cities where physical copies of AWC are sold, vendors—often unhoused and cash-strapped people—are able to keep 100 percent of the profits from their sales, allowing at-risk individuals to earn money directly through culture. At the same time, our content offers accessible, inspiring art and thought-provoking discourses for all readers, whether they're on the street or in the museum. 

Now with a circulation of 55,000, Arts of the Working Class is published five times a year. It contains artistic, literary, and essayistic contributions that are primarily characterized by plurality—of formats, of participants (established artists can be found alongside lesser-known artists or students), and of access: each issue contains contributions in multiple languages that stand side by side, untranslated. This creates a kaleidoscopic collage of perspectives that insists on openness and inconclusiveness, overcoming notions of norm and deviation. AWC is present throughout the streets of Europe, as well as in an international cultural and activist network, delivering messages of social, aesthetic, and political change. 

Unfortunately, due to financial contractions across Europe, AWC is facing an uncertain future. Due to drastically increasing printing costs and growing demand from our vendors, the circumstances of our production are increasingly precarious. With around 55,000 copies now passing from hand to hand on the streets (an increase of 40 percent between 2021 and 2022), Arts of the Working Class has not been spared from inflation. 

Therefore, we appeal to all who read, love, and/or look at this newspaper in expectant skepticism to help us raise the outstanding printing costs of the latest issue (No. 24) and the future ones.

14,500 EUR will help us enter the new year without legacy costs, and to secure future work. Every donation that a reader like you makes helps to keep our newspaper on the streets. Please consider donating here. We thank you!

AWC in numbers:
Five issues per year. 55,000 plus copies per circulation. 500 plus contributors, vendors, media partners, and helpers join us in creating the production and circulation of the street newspaper!

Street distribution takes place in Berlin and, to a lesser extent, Frankfurt, Cologne, and other streets in Europe in cooperation with local art initiatives.

More than five hundred authors as well as artists from all over the world have contributed to the 24 issues that have been published since the spring of 2018. An international network of institutions, festivals, and grassroots organizations has supported the growth of AWC and its vendors.

AWC is also distributed by the following bookshops: ARK Books, Buchhandlung Walther König GmbH & Co.KG, Bruno, Bücherbogen am Savignyplatz GmbH, CV books, funk magazine, Kiosk, Orinoco_books, Print it black, Pro qm, and ROTORBOOKS.

You can subscribe to AWC at any time here.

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Arts of the Working Class
January 19, 2023

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