Master and Bachelor in Architecture

Master and Bachelor in Architecture

Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

IKA Rundgang Exhibition, MArch Studio David Lieberman, 2023. Photo: Roxane Seckauer

March 21, 2023
Master and Bachelor in Architecture
Institute for Art and Architecture
MArch online registration: April 11–28
BArch online registration: May 22–June 9
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IKA Institute for Art and Architecture
Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
Schillerplatz 3
1010 Vienna
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The Institute for Art and Architecture offers a three-year bachelor’s program in Architecture (BArch) and a four-semester master’s program in Architecture (MArch), both addressing international students. The Academy of Fine Arts as a whole, with its institutes for Fine Arts, Conservation-Restoration, Education in the Arts, Art Theory and Cultural Studies, and Natural Sciences and Technology in the Art provides an exciting interdisciplinary environment full of synergies.

We believe that architecture is an intellectual construction of ideas tied to its socio-economic and political context. Architectural production needs to be alert and inquisitive, while at the same time innovative, inventive, and critical. Consequently, we educate and encourage our students to experiment with ideas through research, testing their projects’ credibility and viability through implementation in practice. If you are interested in architecture as a domain in which you exercise your intellectual capacity and tirelessly pursue arguments for a better world, where you insist on making a difference in how we inhabit the environment and are interested in dialogue and debate, the IKA at the Academy is the right choice. We are looking for the best students who are interested in investing in the future of architecture.

Analogue Digital Production
In an increasingly “real” digital environment we need the entire sensorium: with algorithms and straws, with data free floating in temperature and time, with screwdrivers and matches, with ears and eyes of others and selves, with numbers and fingers, with one and many, with heat and frost, with one and zero, with birds grown from trees, with machines and meat, with images and chlorophylls, with films and language, and wind torne sounds.

Construction Material Technology
In the projects pursued by the CMT Platform, the mutual conditions and dependencies of human and non-human life, climate, bio and anthropogenic environments are reactivated and made visible. Reflected in our research into the hidden power of spatial systems and used as a tool for developing complex constructions of hidden order. An order contained too in the shaping of materials and their influence on the shaping of our constructed environment.

Ecology Sustainability Cultural Heritage
Cultural Heritage, the “C” of ESC, equally stands for Climate Change, Catastrophes, Contamination, Criticality and Chance: aspects of a Cultural Heritage largely rooted in exploitations of environments, particularly of grounds. The New Climatic Regime challenges the very foundations our cities (and societies) are built upon. Our relation to ground is questioned through designs of processual structures in and for Critical Environments.

History Theory Criticism
Platform HTC functions as an interface: between research and teaching, and between the theory and practice of architectural designing. This is clearly visible in the design studios, where, using a variety of experimental formats, students have the opportunity of “designing” research, and of “researching” design. Students also have the chance of acquiring the knowledge required for a scientific career, or for writing a doctoral thesis.

Geography Landscapes Cities
Platform GLC conceives of cities and landscapes as social constructs, as mental, physical, and material entities. Both city and landscape are spatio-temporal structures, and their diversity is influenced by cultural, social and natural factors. The platform explores and describes these complex dynamic systems, in the process developing architecture as an operational tool for lending physical reality to the concepts of landscapes and cities.

MArch online registration: April 11–28, 2023
Portfolio upload until May 3, 2023
Interviews: July 3–4, 2023

BArch online registration: May 22–June 9, 2023
Portfolio upload until June 20, 2023
Interviews: July 3–4, 2023

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Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
March 21, 2023

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