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November 1, 2016


November 2016 in Artforum
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November 2016 in Artforum
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This month in Artforum:

ARTISTS ON POLITICS: On the eve of one of the most contentious US presidential elections in recent history, Artforum presents projects by Wolfgang TillmansEileen Myles, Simone Leigh, Zoe Leonard, and cover artist Dread Scott that address our fraught political season.

Ian Volner on the architecture of Trump:

“The problem is that all the Trump company’s buildings, good or bad, just don’t care.”
—Ian Volner 

Geoffrey Winthrop-Young on Charles Musser’s Politicking and Emergent Media:

“Following the 1890s, there never was a successful politician who was not also a skilled media parasite.”
—Geoffrey Winthrop-Young 

Artist Curates—Joseph Grigely:

The distinguished artist and scholar selects a compendium of visual artworks for their evocations of sound:

“Painting and sculpture, the film still, the news photograph—by definition, all are muted by their media, yet in subtle ways they reveal the nonstop sound of a sonorous world.”
—Joseph Grigely

Michael Ned Holte on the art of Daniel Joseph Martinez: 

“Martinez’s prosthetics take us as close as possible to the horror they depict.”
—Michael Ned Holte

Daniel Horn on Timothée Calame:

“Against millennial aspirations to reclaim data-driven critical and creative ‘ownership’ (of self, of movement), the stoppages Calame installs against social mapping and subjectivation are misaligned with the momentum of contemporary power.”
Daniel Horn

Bruce Hainley on Richard Prince: The Douglas Blair Turnbaugh Collection (1977–1988):

“Menace is rarely boring, aesthetically, and Prince trades in this kind of tarrying with the negative.”
—Bruce Hainley

Daniela Stöppel on Rochelle Feinstein:

“Feinstein’s pictures are not so much reactions to postmodernist strategies of appropriation as visual fragments that have broken off from modernism and made their own journey, remaining firmly fixed on the lodestar of painting.”
—Daniela Stöppel 

Robert Pincus-Witten on Lucas Samaras:

“Samaras’s work is situated at a sharp angle to the advertising-derived, declarative range of Pop.”
—Robert Pincus-Witten 

And: Tony Pipolo on Maya Deren, Julia Bryan-Wilson on autonomous sensory meridian response, Nicole Rudick on Brian Chippendale’s Puke Force, and Alex Kitnick on the staircase in contemporary architecture

Plus: Daniel Sherer on Peter Eisenman’s Palladio Virtuel, James Quandt on Paul Meyer’s Déjà s’envole la fleur maigre, Johanna Fateman on Paul Verhoeven’s Elle, Kevin Lozano on Total Freedom’s Anthem, George E. Lewis on Benjamin Patterson, and the collective Discwoman share their Top Ten

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