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February 1, 2017


February 2017 in Artforum

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February 2017 in Artforum

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This month in Artforum:

“States of Exception”: Pauline J. Yao on the art and politics of Zhang Peili, whose first major US survey opens at the Art Institute of Chicago next month:

“Zhang used video to investigate the deep instability and intense incongruities of China in the final years of the century.”
—Pauline J. Yao

Artist’s Project: Renowned filmmaker Patrick Keiller debuts a visual essay on the question of England—its economies, its histories, its future after Brexitwhile scholar Dennis Lim muses on Keiller’s piercing and perceptive oeuvre as a whole:

“Keiller’s London (1994) positions itself as a portrait of the first vanished metropolis.”
—Dennis Lim

“On Longing”: Bruce Hainley speculates on culture, objecthood, and memory in Hanne Darboven’s art, which is the subject of major exhibitions around the world this year:

“Darboven brings chronicle into fantasy, narration into intransigence.”
—Bruce Hainley 

Miranda July talks to Julia Bryan-Wilson about her pioneering feminist video projects:

“Women, by virtue of being raised to be so self-conscious, are making movies all the time in our heads as we move through the world.”
—Miranda July

Martin Herbert on the art of Heather Phillipson:

“Phillipson’s art asks what a poem can be today—how it might be retrofitted for an era in which words are rarely divisible from pictures and people navigate fluently between screens and physical space.”
—Martin Herbert

Openings: Jens Hoffmann on Adriana Martínez:

“By extending her art into sites of global exchange, Martínez is able to put into practice theories about cultural exchange and capital.”
—Jens Hoffmann

“Facing the Nation”: Bibiana Obler on Barbara Kruger in Washington:

“Installed in the heart of our capital this past fall, Kruger’s strategic juxtapositions of image and text appeared urgently relevant.”
—Bibiana Obler

“Lost in the Mix”: Jackie Neudorf on Via App:

“The new album is a soundscape of industrial decay that bristles with the concentrated tension of a coiled spring.”
—Jackie Neudorf

And: Colby Chamberlain on Mark Leckey, Jan Tumlir on Eric Wesley’s The Bell, Tim Griffin on HBO’s The Young Pope, J. Hoberman on Julio Bracho, and Amy Taubin on Raoul Peck’s I Am Not Your Negro.

Plus: Riccardo Venturi on Jean-Luc Moulène, Kaira M. Cabañas on Hélio Oiticica, Murtaza Vali on Robert Breer, Brian Wallis on Provoke: Photography in Japan 1960–1975, and designer Jun Takahashi of Undercover shares his Top Ten

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