Forgotten Realms residency

Forgotten Realms residency

Art Inside Out

Tjolöholm Castle. Photo: Ann Eringstam.

September 21, 2023
Forgotten Realms residency
Call for applications
Application deadline: October 26, 11:59pm, CET
Tjolöholm Castle
Kungsbacka Municipality
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Art Inside Out invites artist applications for participation in Forgotten Realms, an artistic residency that explores new representations of reality in the borderland between the mundane and the fantastical, myth and reality, past and present. The residency is connected to Tjolöholm Castle in Kungsbacka, at the Swedish west coast, with a relationship to Nordic and Celtic folklore, reflected in both the breathtaking natural surroundings and the impressive castle interiors.

Ghosts, giants and trolls. Nymphs, lantern-carrying spirits, werewolves, and witches. The region of Halland, southwest on the Swedish westcoast has a history filled with old stories, myths, and legends about supernatural creatures and phenomena, and the county of Kungsbacka is no exception. These are narratives and testimonies that have been passed down for generations and become part of a cultural-historical heritage. In the old farming society, nature’s beings were a living element of everyday life and gave expression to our fears, cares, and moral dilemmas. The sea, lakes, and the deep forests were portals to that which could not be controlled—a border between the everyday life and the supernatural, where humans were only temporary visitors of whom respect and reverence were demanded. In the twilight hour, the unthinkable became possible. 

In the age of modern society, the time of myths appeared to have passed. Industrialization, capitalism, and scientific advancement gradually alienated people from their belief in ensouled nature and the deeper dimensions of being human. Yet, at the same time, the supernatural never seized to fascinate and for many remains an integral part of life, history and belonging.

In a time characterized by advanced weaponry, “fake news”, conspiracy theories, extreme weather, selfies, screens–speed and affect–ensouled nature, the spiritual and magical world seems to have taken on new meaning that tempts our fantasies and needs in the search for our inner selves. Global mobilization in the face of environmental and climatic threats, along with a growing longing for a life in harmony with nature, have meant that the forest and its inhabitants’ mystique, knowledge, and power have become a sought-after refuge—far from the din of city life. Mythological and magical beings’ re-emerging presence crosses the boundaries of reality’s possibilities and points toward new queer worlds in which gender roles and perceptions of good and evil, beautiful and ugly, us and Others stand to be dissolved.

With the artistic residency Forgotten Realms, Art Inside Out wants to invite artists to explore the irrational, fantastic and magical through various forms of artistic investigations. 

The location: Tjolöholm Castle, Kungsbacka 
Tjolöholm Castle, built from 1898 to 1904 under the direction of Blanche Dickson, was created to be its own realm from the very beginning. It is designed as a British estate with inspiration from the Arts & Crafts movement and qualities of National Romanticism, drawn by a young Swedish architect who had never set foot in the British Isles. Situated on a peninsula in Kungsbacka Fjord along the west coast of Sweden, surrounded by dense forests with a view for miles over the Halland archipelago, its unique architecture has allowed Tjolöholm to serve as the stage for stories such as Lars von Trier’s film Melancholia, in which a struggle against the realization of the end of the world is reinforced by the castle’s dark, brooding siluette. Since 2022, the castle has been on the European Film Academy’s list of significant sites in film history. 

Practical info
Submissions from international artists in an interdiciplinary field of contemporary artistic production are welcome. The residency schedule is as follows: research March 11–24, production May 15–June 23. The artworks created during the residency will be presented in an exhibition at Tjolöholm Castle opening by mid June 2023.

Each residency artist will receive a fee of 100,000 SEK (F-taxable, exclusive VAT, paid by invoice) for an eight week long residency and a have access to a production budget of approximately 50,000 SEK. There is also an additional budget for installation and other exhibition related costs available. The artist is responsible for paying applicable taxes in their home country. Art Inside Out covers associated costs such as travel, housing, workspaces and process management. The artists will have the opportunity to work independently and together. 

Application period: September 21, 2023–October 26, 2023 (11:59pm CET). Decisions will be announced during December 2023.

Residency artists will live in shared and self-sufficient households with their own rooms at a location in Kungsbacka municipality, close to but not at Tjolöholm Castle itself. This means that daily trips between the accommodation and the workplace will occur. Drivers license is a preferred, but not required.

For any questions write to artinsideout [​at​] Apply here

RSVP for Forgotten Realms residency
Art Inside Out
September 21, 2023

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