OPEN UP Academy launch

OPEN UP Academy launch

HDK-Valand Academy of Art and Design at University of Gothenburg

November 3, 2023
OPEN UP Academy launch
Education beside itself
Vasagatan 50
SE-411 37 Gothenburg
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OPEN UP HDK-Valand 2019–23, a four year EU-funded initiative will conclude in December 2023. We invite the public to celebrate the conclusion of the EU-funded phaze of the project and to mark the beginning of the new OPEN UP Academy 2024–27. This blended event—combining online with in-real-life meet up—will include the launch of several project outcomes, as well as the annuncement of the new four year programme.

Our OPEN UP work 2019–23
Among the outcomes being presented from the 2019-2023 project phaze are:

The OPEN UP Sampler, a collecton of examples experimental writing, criticism, illustration and graphic narrative profiling the varied work of participating artists, writers and illustrators.

The OPEN UP Festival Catalogue, a documentation of the exhibitions, film screenings and performances that comprised the OPEN UP Gothenburg Festival in June 2023.

The OPEN UP Gothenburg Map, a textile work produced by the OPEN UP team from recycled fabrics that provides a material vision of a desegregated Gothenburg where there is a re-weaviong of class and colour lines to affirm a life in common.

The OPEN UP Video Stream, a new online platform showing a portfolio of video works by OPEN UP Participants.

OPEN UP Academy 2024–27
While the European-funded phase will end in 2023, the work of the OPEN UP group will continue seeking to create new opportunities to collaboratively learn. We will go on to make and show new work together. New members are welcome.

The OPEN UP Academy will adopt a new approach. It will operate through four working sub-groups focussing on key activities: Film-makers’ Cooperative; Exhibition as Community; Publishing as Relation; and Contemporary Diasporic Art Studies.

The Film-makers’ Cooperative is a framework for sharing film-making resources and skills, providing access to a shared infrastructure of production and post-production, as well as a cooperative approach to film-making.

Exhibition as Community will work on the basis of collective self-organisation of exhibition opportunities. It approaches exhibition-making as a process of building communities of practice and inventing forms of social relation.

Publishing as Relation will continue the work of the OPEN UP Sampler, by providing a framework for developing new publication projects by participants, with a particular emphasis on the way publishing as a process can produce new forms of relation and different modes of becoming public.

Contemporary Diasporic Art Studies is a monthly gathering of those interested to develop a shared knowledge of the breadth and possibility of contemporary art within various diasposric formations. The process begins with an exploration of the recent high profile international achievement and visibility of many Kurdish film-makers, and the new visions for life-in-common being produced among artists, architects, writers and thinkers within the Palestinian diaspora. For diasporic communities, we ask what is artmaking in the face of dehumanisation and radical exclusion from agency in the public sphere? What is art’s possibility in the teeth of surpassing violences that self-announce as righteous, even as they viciously imprision, starve, torment, mutilate and destroy children and non-combatants? What is art’s possibility when words such as “humanity”, “feeling” and “expression” turn to dust in any mouth that now would dare to utter them?

OPEN UP participants 2019–23
OPEN UP artists have included: Aladdin Mofakhari, Annika Wennberg, Azad Larki, Azadeh E Zaghi, Behjat Omer Abdulla, Bereen Darwish, Catalina Fuentes Araya , Chro Seyedi, David Spraggs, Eldin Smajlović, Elin Wennberg, Fatemeh Salehi, Gunilla Gränsbo, Hamidreza Jahantigh, Heba Alakkad, Helaleh Ghaderi, Ingrid Lindberg, Kamran Seydiyan, Kamyan Seydiyan, Marie Bergqvist, Masuod Yousefi, Negar Latifan, Nora Ordenes Soderberg, Olof Nilsson, Rezgar Alipanah , Ronak Rabiee, Faezeh Daemi, Roya Charehtalab, Saga Biarnason, Sara Khayat, Shenyan Yousefi, Tara Talebsafa, Tayebeh (Roz) Madadi, Ward Zaraa and the music duo Per & Nada (Per Ohlson and Nada Alichiah ), and Jin, Jiyan, Azadî (Eyoub Marabi, Heresh Askari, Kevin Homayoun Nejad, Nina Eftekhar, Roza Hosainpanahi, and Shakila Eftekhar).

The event is free, booking recomended: Book here

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HDK-Valand Academy of Art and Design at University of Gothenburg
November 3, 2023

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