Out of the Grid. Italian Zine 1978–2006

Out of the Grid. Italian Zine 1978–2006

Sprint Art Book Fair

[1] Out Of The Grid. Italian Zine 1978–2006, 2023. Courtesy of Les Presses du réel. Photo: Alien. [2] Out Of The Grid. Italian Zine 1978–2006 (detail), 2023. Design: Dafne Boggeri. [3] View of SPRINT–Independent Publishers & Artists’ Books Salon, Spazio Maiocchi, Milan, 2022. Photo: Riccardo Giancola.

November 16, 2023
Out of the Grid. Italian Zine 1978–2006
Opening exhibition public program: November 24, 5–9pm
eastcontemporary, Milan
SPRINT Milano Art Book Fair: November 25–26, Public program, 11am–9pm
Spazio Maiocchi and Regina Giovanna, Milan
Spazio Maiocchi
Via Maiocchi 5/7

“a mobile language that hacks the codes of communication and subverts the dynamics of the advertising system, reconquering a free territory of expression.”

The eleventh edition of SPRINT–Independent Publishers & Artists’ Books Salon 2023 hosts the official launch of the book Out of the Grid. Italian Zine 1978–2006Pre-orders here.

For the first time this book showcases a critical selection of one hundred Italian zines, published between the end of the 1970s and the beginning of the 2000s. The zines cover a wide range of socio-political, artistic, and technological changes in language-use and communication strategies that occurred in the realm of self-produced printed matter.

This overflow of creativity, widely mapping Italian society, particularly youth culture, during the post-movement and pre-internet3.0 time, reached a multitude of subcultures. Each zine has been introduced with a profile illustrating its particular historical background, an in depth analysis, and visual scans of the original content. Since no set framework has been enforced, the unique characteristics of each project can emerge.

The results reveal a multitude of uncharted territories which come together via the shared desire to seek out (and create) alternative narratives through culture and music, social movements, visual arts, photography, sci-fi literature, role-play game, and hybrid information-technology formats ranging from punk to queer.

The book, written in English, curated by Dafne Boggeri in collaboration with Sara Serighelli, with the contribution of Marta Zanoni, photo editing by Ilenia Arosio, coordinated by Leonardo Caldana, assisted by Maddalena Manera, published by Les Presses du réel, contains conversations about different scenes between Giulia Vallicelli (Compulsive Archive) and Dafne Boggeri, Pietro Rivasi and Fabiola Naldi, Stefano Gilardino and Glezös, Lorenza Pignatti and Gino Gianuizzi. Typography is Apfel Grotesk by Luigi Gorlero for the open-source network Collletttivo.

With its rich program of exhibitions, talks, performances and workshops, SPRINT is the ideal occasion to officially launch Out of the Grid through a special display at Spazio Maiocchi, that combines original materials, facsimiles and aluminum plates for offset printing.

The book is realized thanks to the support of the Directorate-General for Contemporary Creativity of the Italian Ministry of Culture under the Italian Council program (eleventh edition, 2022), promoted by O’ non-profit association (Milan) and supported by VANS with paper supply by Sappi.

SPRINTIndependent Publishers & Artists’ Books Salon takes place from November 24–26 at eastcontempoary, Spazio Maiocchi and Regina Giovanna hosting more than 250 publishers and labels from 31 countries (the full list of exhibitors can be found here)—with a public program extension from November 28 to December 16 at Istituto Svizzero and an online screening from Afterimage.

SPRINT full program is available here and includes: the exhibitions The Most Beautiful Swiss Books; Holding Hands in Weird Places—A reference library by Johanna Maierski (Colorama) with Stefanie Leinhos and Trax Core; online screening Cyberfeminism Index from a lecture by Mindy Seu; a public billboard by Slavs and Tatars; the SURPRIZE publishing award powered by EXPOSED, Turin’s new International Festival of Photography.

From November 24 (until January 31), eastcontemporary presents SALTY SERMON, an exhibition by Slavs and Tatars curated by Zoë De Luca Legge as part of the SPRINT program.

On Saturday, November 25, Regina Giovanna hosts talks by Slavs and Tatars, Cairo Art Book Fair, MP5 in conversation with Jonathan Bazzi, Noura Tafeche and Khadim Loum. On Sunday, November 26, other talks are held by Vittore Baroni and Massimo Giacon (Trax), Shin Akiyama (edition.nord), La Rivoluzione delle Seppie with Unpae and Zic Zic Edizioni, OreriIniziativa Editoriale. Alongside the talks there is a daily performance schedule, curated by Union Edition on November 25 and Altalena on November 26.

Since 2013, artist-led and non-profit platform SPRINT welcomes small projects and complex publishing productions that approach experimentation, researching and archives. The Fair tables are cost-free for all selected exhibitors as a sign of tangible support to the community, as is the access for the public.

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Sprint Art Book Fair
November 16, 2023

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