Issue 5: AMOUR & RAGE

Issue 5: AMOUR & RAGE


January 25, 2024
Issue 5: AMOUR & RAGE

NONFICTION releases its fifth printed exhibition dedicated to post-internet generation artists through a critical thought, with an exclusive collaboration with the French poet Simon Johannin.

Issue 5—AMOUR & RAGE (LOVE & RAGE)—an exhibition that takes a stand: joy is resistance.

AMOUR & RAGE (LOVE & RAGE) is an epic of joy and celebration as life impulses in the face of the collapse of the living. “AMOUR & RAGE” is a nod to the slogan of the international civil disobedience action group Extinction Rebellion. “AMOUR & RAGE” is a cry from the heart against making soil and human relationships artificial. At a time when the living are rising up, we need to affirm the radical nature of gentleness and the reassurance of ecstasy.

This is about joy. The joy of being alive, whatever the cost. The joy of performing in worlds that are marginal but very real. Carnival, pagan ritual, rave parties, cabaret, the circus, drag and nursery rhymes all praise this joy, as much a pulse as a fury for life. NONFICTION 5 presents the work of 47 international artists, born after the 1980s, and 26 authors who explore the aesthetics and the thought of joy, from the gentle to the festive, for a reversal of the established order, a desire for utopia, here and now.

The work of the artists featured in this printed exhibition seems to be telling us: “We are human, all too human, so rather than telling stories about the living, ecocide and domination, we join them. We need to tell stories and dance life, to sing the song of vibration rather than consumption. We refuse to have rather than to be.” There are moments in history when there are no more doubts: it’s a question of having a furious desire to live, of feeling that the world is finally opening up and that being strong and free is no longer an option but the only necessity in the face of a world that is teetering.

With Léna Aboukrat, Sharon Alfassi, Safia Bahmed-Schwartz, Ju Bourgain, Aïda Bruyère, Laurie Charles, Madeleine Charpentié, Clément Courgeon, Hubert Crabières, Sara Daniel, Mercedes Dassy, Clément Davout, Regina Demina, Ophélie Demurger, Darius Dolatyari-Dolatdoust, Lyse Fournier, Valentine Gardiennet, Brandon Gercara, Quentin Goujout, Cecilia Granara, Hippolyne, Romuald Jandolo, Celin Jiang, Michel Jocaille, Jehane Mahmoud, Aurore-Carolyne Marty, Jan Matysek, Rayane Mcirdi, Arthur Menard-Salis, Louise Mervelet, Desire Moheb-Zandi, Maden Moisix, Louise Mutrel, Stanislas Paruzel, Pierre Pauze, Benoît Piéron, Marilou Poncin, Julius Pristauz, Harilay Rabenjamina, Chloé Riviera, Johanna Rocard, Damien Rouxel, Arslane Smirnov, Jenkin Van Zyl, Florian Varennes, Ugo Woatzi, Janna Zhiri.

Texts by clara bergman, Emma Bigé, Alain Damasio, Dati Diallo, Gilbert Durand, Silvia Federici, Florian Gaîté, Alexandre Gondreau, bell hooks, Ivan Illitch, Cy Lecerf-Maulpoix, Audre Lorde, Nick Montgomery, Corine Pelluchon, The Queer Manifesto, Goliarda Sapienza, Starhawk, Mc Kenzie Wark

Publishers and Editors in Chief: Céline Sabari Poizat. Graphic: Hortense Proust—adapted from an original design by Mathieu Meyer. NONFICTION is now available on a selection of bookshops and online here

NONFICTION is a media, an independent publishing house and critical artspace that empowers ecological, degrowth, ecofeminist and antispeciesist imaginations. NONFICTION tells images and images thoughts that question the established order. Edition, curation, critic.

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January 25, 2024

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