AEROPONIC ACTS 2024: Chameleon Orbit

AEROPONIC ACTS 2024: Chameleon Orbit

Dutch Art Institute (DAI)

Generation 2022–24. Photo: Nikos Doulos & found footage.

July 11, 2024
AEROPONIC ACTS 2024: Chameleon Orbit
August 1–4, 2024, 10am
Centrale Fies
via Gramsci 13
38074 Dro

Welcome to 38 Conversation-in-a-form. For the laws of gravity to be rewritten, for dark energy to be materialized, we ask how many stars a galaxy can form in a day. Particles in orbit may touch you and rotate elsewhere to touch others. Our collective body spins and camouflages. In disguise at first, to be perceived as new immediately after—as it absorbs the light in a myriad of color combinations. With stereoscopic vision, our eyes move outward in correspondence.

Loving would be easy if your colors were like my dreams / Red, black, white, green, red, black, white, green / Everyday is like survival / You’re my lover, not my rival / We resist and rename systems; stronger gravity by means of proximity, cosmologies to weaken all the constraints of cyclical histories; to dream liberation and the fall of empires.

Thursday, August 1
Anastasia Nefedova: What will disappear when we arrive? / Baoxin Liao: Why are you out wandering the streets in the middle of the night? Are you sure you will not marry? Even for a visa? / Evija Kristopane: What would Joe do? / Francesca Pionati: How do we reconstruct after what we know has been destroyed? / Gabriel Acevedo: What now? / Ian Nolan: How do we inherit damaged landscapes? / Louis Schou-Hansen: Do you feel pleasure? / Rex Collins: Can you taste the place in-between places? / Savva Dudin: What do we see when we hear the images? / Valeria Moro: Who comes to call and calls and comes and a name calls and goes?

Friday, August 2
Celeste Perret: What are the clogs of “our” complot? / Cristina Ramos González: Why did you unbury me out of the sea? / Elif Cadoux: Can we count on losing the count? / Federica Nicastro: What could unfold, after it leaks? / Gamze Öztürk: How can I dream in between dreams? / Gloria Sogl: What weave if remembrance is the woof and forgetting the warp? / Noam Youngrak Son: Art School? Finance? Speculate!? Future?? Where? How? What? / Tomer Fruchter: If you already know, why are you in this room? / Thamyres VM: What’s cooking?

Saturday, August 3
Astrée Duval: How to pull an eclipse? / Chloë Janssens: What are the legacies you choose to step into? / Yi-Hong Wang: Would you stay at this page again? / Daniël van der Giessen: Lectio Divina: How to interpret “the format”? / Julia von Schantz: If the voice in my head is me, who is the one listening? / Lena Pfäffli: Is it through tracing that repetition begins to unravel? / Meii Soh: How to save a friend? Towards immortality / Sille Kima: Where do I become you and you become someone else? And silence and light and silence / Stephen McEvoy: If sound is the answer, then what is the question? / Tereza Dvořáková: And where does the sun rise?

Sunday, August 4
Ania Yilmaz: What can I ask from/to a painting? Clara von Schantz: If the voice in my head is me, who is the one listening? / Claudia Medeiros: What representatives would you wish for if you were a rock? / Dalia Maini: Will you share it? / Kıvanç Sert: How do we form a nation with a plant? / Saverio Cantoni: Don’t you wanna take off this uniform between us? / Seán Bean: Will the new songs map out the new dreams? / Shaza Omran: Do you know where it actually began? / Zoé Couppé: What are three things you know for sure?

Guest respondents Ramon AmaroInti Guerrero and Antonia Majaca will, in one way or another, mesh with the questions.  

Curators: Elisa Giuliano, Giulia Crispiani / Convener: Gabriëlle Schleijpen (DAI Roaming Academy) / Hosts: Barbara Boninsegna and Dino Sommadossi (Centrale Fies) / Written report: Bethany Crawford / Documentation: Baha Görkem Yalim / Instagram: Nash Caldera, Tomek Pawlowski Jarmolajew / Communication design: Hanna Rullmann & Lauren Alexander / Production: Peter Sattler & the dream-teams of DAI and Centrale Fies.

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Dutch Art Institute (DAI)
July 11, 2024

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