August 29, 2016 - Palais de Tokyo - Indiscipline
August 29, 2016

Palais de Tokyo

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Brussels, the multifaceted and interdisciplinary capital, comes to Palais de Tokyo

September 3–4, 2016

Palais de Tokyo
13, avenue du Président Wilson
75116 Paris
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Within the space of a few years, Brussels has turned into an international platform dedicated to emerging artists and to artistic experimentation. Artists from all around the world gather there to find a breeding ground in which to showcase their talents. Characterised by their artistic risks, local artists don’t seem to share any common ground, other than their undisciplined nature and their interdisciplinary bias.

Over the weekend of September 3–4, more than 30 artists, comprising visual artists, performers, choreographers and video makers based in Brussels, will be invited to Palais de Tokyo by Indiscipline, selected by the curators which include WIELS (Brussels Contemporary Art Centre), Kunstenfestivaldesarts (Performing Arts Festival) and the Wallonie-Bruxelles Théâtre/Danse agency. Coming from around 15 different countries, these artists will present works from diverse crossover disciplines, pushing a number of our symbolic, physical, cultural and linguistic boundaries.

Indiscipline is an initiative of the Minister of Promotion of Brussels Mr Rachid Madrane, carried out by in collaboration with WIELS, Kunstenfestivaldesarts and Wallonie-Bruxelles Théâtre/Danse.

Performative conferences
Koenraad Dedobbeleer, Harald Thys & Erik Thys

Films & videos
Sanaz Azari, Sammy Baloji & Filip De Boeck, Manon de Boer, Les Soeurs h, Eleni Kamma, Joachim Olender, Benoît Platéus, Louise Vanneste, Emmanuel Van der Auwera

Dance & performances
Jacques André, Danai Anesiadou, Léa Drouet & Clément Vercelletto, Mette Edvardsen, Ben Fury & Louise Michel Jackson & Rodolphe Coster, Youness Khoukhou & Pierre Droulers, Leslie Mannès & Sitoïd & Vincent Lemaître, Steven Michel, Hana Miletić, Radouan Mriziga, Ayelen Parolin, Marnie Slater

Digital performances
Sébastien Lacomblez & l’Entreprise d’Optimisation du Réel, Julien Maire

Projects in public spaces
Younes Baba-Ali, Ann Veronica Janssens, Sarah Vanhee

Children’s programme

Palais de Tokyo
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