December 16, 2016 - Centre national des arts plastiques (Cnap) - Our collection is yours
December 16, 2016

Centre national des arts plastiques (Cnap)

Our collection is yours

Centre national des arts plastiques (Cnap)
Tour Atlantique, 1 Place de la Pyramide
La Défense
92911 Paris
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The Centre national des arts plastiques (National Centre for Visual Arts or Cnap) is a public institution attached to the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, which aims to foster artistic creation in France in all areas of the visual arts.

A collection on the move
On behalf of the French State, it acquires and stores works for the largest French public collections, the Fonds national d’art contemporain (National Collection of Contemporary Art), loaning them to cultural institutions in France and overseas. This forward-looking collection of unique scale currently holds over 100,000 works which have been acquired during the last two centuries.

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In close touch with the contemporary art scene
The Cnap’s forward-thinking, global acquisitions policy pays particular attention to young artists, as well as others not widely represented in France's public collections. The collection is also very outward-looking and includes works from all over the world. Comprising nearly 40,000 pieces acquired since the 1980s, the collection demonstrates a rich diversity of artistic practices and the most recent artistic developments of today.

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100,000 artworks to create your future exhibitions
Curators: this "collection without walls" is shared with the public through an active distribution policy, either through renewable five-year long-term loans or short-term loans arranged for the occasion of temporary exhibitions.

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For further information (regarding short and long-term loans, documentation, reproduction of works, assistance and more), please visit our website.  

collection.cnap [​at​]

Centre national des arts plastiques (Cnap)
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