November 4, 2016 - The Funambulist - Issue 08: Police
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November 4, 2016
November 4, 2016

The Funambulist

Issue 08: Police
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The eighth issue of The Funambulist, dedicated to the police, can be read in continuity with Issue 04 (March–April 2016), which was focused on carceral environments. Its axiomatic editorial line is resolutely the same: just as there cannot be “better prisons,” there cannot be “better police,” at least not within the logics through which they are currently operating in a majority of the world’s societies. In this regard, the numerous murders of Native and Black bodies by the United States police, the violence of the Apartheid police in Jerusalem against Palestinians, the murderous operations of the Brazilian military police in the favelas, or the legalized abuse of power by the French and Turkish police during ongoing states of emergency; not as “police brutality” that would require reforms but, rather, as the very essence of policing itself, which calls for abolition.


0: Cover / Hong Kong Police in Admiralty During the Umbrella Movement
Ar Lit (2014)

2: From the Blog / Caterpillar Bulldozers from Standing Rock to Palestine
Léopold Lambert

4: From the Blog / Calais, 09/2016
Léopold Lambert

6: Political Walks / Muslim Harlem
Katherine Merriman

10: Editorial / Kashmir: From Orient to the State of Exception
Ather Zia

12: Editorial / The Surrounded: #Nodapl and Geographies of Indigenous Resistance
Nick Estes

Main Dossier / Police

16: Poem about Police Violence
Jehan Bseiso

18: Introduction / Architecture is Policing: State of Emergency France as an Example 
Léopold Lambert

24: Egyptian Police: Localized Violence in Global Perspective
Anonymous contributor

28: US Police: Broken Windows Neoliberalism
Christina Heatherton (with illustrations by Mapping Inequality)

34: Brazilian Police: Cultural and Spiritual Battles
Susana Durão

38: German Police: Racial Profiling: Between Legal Actions & State Recognition
Sinthujan Varatharajah

42: Interview / Colonial Genealogy of the French Police
Mathieu Rigouste

50: Israeli Police: The Practice of Collective Punishment Against Palestinians

56: Student Project / Black Mold (Part 2)
Whitney Hansley

58: Student Project / Hospitality: Reversing Police Violence
Joséphine Larere

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The Funambulist is a bimestrial print and digital magazine dedicated to the politics of space and bodies founded and edited by Léopold Lambert. It operates in parallel with two open-access platform: a blog and a podcast that share the same editorial line questioning the politics of the designed/built environment in relation to bodies. The past issues were respectively dedicated to Militarized Cities (September–October 2015), Suburban Geographies (November–December 2015), Clothing Politics (January–February 2016), Carceral Environment (March–April 2016), Design & Racism (May–June 2016), Object Politics (July–August 2016), and Health Struggles (September–October 2016).

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