September 25, 2017 - Kunsthalle Wien - Ineke Hans. Was ist Loos?
September 25, 2017

Kunsthalle Wien

Ineke Hans, "Making: Handmade Series," 2017. Photo: Studio Ineke Hans.

Ineke Hans. Was ist Loos?
(What’s going on?)
September 28–November 12, 2017

Opening: September 27, 7pm

Kunsthalle Wien Karlsplatz
Treitlstraße 2
1040 Vienna
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"What’s going on?" asks Ineke Hans—a question that not only relates to her own practice as a designer characterized by contemporary relevance but, also addresses the state of the field of design today, as well as the role of the designer.

The exhibition Was ist Loos? presents resent work by Dutch designer Ineke Hans whose practice is connected to questions about the interactions between humans, objects, and space.

A play on words, Was ist Loos? simultaneously employs a common German phrase that inquires what’s happening, while making notable reference to influential Austrian architect and critic Adolf Loos. As Hans’ first institutional solo exhibition in Austria, the title aptly conveys the designer’s constant re-evaluation of the material environments that structure our daily lives, while also drawing connections to design history and local contexts.

Foldable chairs, multifunctional tables, graphic patterns, unusual materials as well as playful shapes and colors—Ineke Hans’ designs are better known for their pragmatic and humorous approach to the challenges of contemporary living spaces and workplaces than for any type of characteristic style. Her work is therefore shown in relation to three key themes: "Making and Making Sense," "Dealing with the Digital," and "Less," that both structure the exhibition and serve as entry points to addressing production techniques, the increasing use of digitalization, and the scarcity of resources and housing.  

The Kunsthalle Wien Chair—made together with Gebrüder Thonet Vienna, and Instant Desk—a design for a table available through an online platform, are the two design-objects that have been developed for the exhibition. Famous for its bentwood furniture in the 19th century, the Thonet firm collaborated with artists, designers and architects of the time such as Adolf Loos whose coffee house chair for the Café Museum located across the street from Kunsthalle Wien Karlsplatz was to become an icon. Hans’ interests in traditional and innovative production techniques, as well as regional characteristics from the history of design, are reflected in her design for the new chair, connected to its place of origin.

Instant Desk is Ineke Hans’ response to the influence of digital technologies and global networking on furniture production. As a digital file, the design can be retrieved worldwide via the Opendesk online platform and manufactured locally by cooperating producers. While such platforms give designers new ways to globally distribute their designs, it also promotes the local production facilities that manufacture the designs. For Ineke Hans, it’s about taking a meaningful and socially engaged approach to exploring available production techniques that transcend the fundamental issues of function and style.

Ineke Hans creates designs that react to societal needs, and develops objects with a social dimension. Was ist Loos? presents ideas and objects that may function as design solutions created to address the requirements of society today.

Ineke Hans lives and works in London. She studied product design and furniture design in Arnhem and London. In 1998, she founded her first design studio in Arnhem, followed by her Studio/Salon in London 2015, a space of research and exchange with people involved in the field of design, from designers, theoreticians, manufacturers, curators, and retailers.

Curator: Juliane Bischoff

Publication: A publication will be released in conjunction with the exhibition. It features contributions by Bart Lootsma, Deyan Sudjic and Oliver Stratford, with graphic design by Irma Boom.

Events within the framework of Vienna Design Week

Ineke Hans’ Pragmaticism.
A discussion between Ineke Hans, Bart Lootsma, and Oliver Stratford
Thursday, September 28, 6pm, Kunsthalle Wien Karlsplatz

Design and Living Together. How design reveals ideas about the way we live, who we are, what we value.
With an introduction by Deyan Sudjic, followed by a discussion with Ineke Hans, Lilli Hollein, and Nicolaus Schafhausen
Friday, September 29, 7pm, Kunsthalle Wien Museumsquartier

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