March 21, 2017 - A4 Art Museum - Create Spaces
March 21, 2017

A4 Art Museum

Tim Li, leaving home. Installation, nylon folding beds and video on TV. Photo: Image 28 (Daniel Wong).

Create Spaces
April 15–July 16, 2017

Opening party: April 15, 3–7pm

Tianfu New Area
Art Exhibition Center, Luxelakes

In August 2016, Luxelakes A4 Museum, formerly A4 Contemporary Arts Center, was relocated to an art exhibition center in Chengdu’s Luxelakes Eco-city and officially registered as a privately operated non-profit art museum. Create Space—the opening exhibition of Luxelakes A4 Museum on April 15—was co-chaired by director Sun Li and independent curator Li Zhenhua as art directors with co-curator team members of Richard Castelli, Li Jie and Cai Liyuan.

Originated from the imagination of Luxelakes A4 Museum, the opening ceremony represents a “creative space” proposed by its curating team that is beyond urban and culture mainstream. The space here is as much physical and virtual as compounded and integrated. Meanwhile, Create Space not only discusses invention of cultural space but also demonstrates the possibilities of creativity within the geographical scope.

Standing in the cultural torrent in Chengdu and facing China and the world, we suppose this exhibition to be a possible experience in minds and ideas. And what kind of space will we build? A physical, intangible space with memories? Maybe it can become the extension of this thinking and directly forms body, feelings and experiences in site. While continuing his subjects of Void: there’s nothing more lift, but a little trace from human beingNo real body (3rd Ural Industrial Biennale of Contemporary Art), and Time based, Non-place, art director Li Zhenhua wants to discuss eastern and western thoughts about conception, practice, time, virtuality and survival, self-existence in reality. Create Space promotes this process, which switches from fun of minds, void spirits to the experience of association between body cognition and intelligence.

The opening ceremony of Create Space respectively discusses its subject with seven subspaces with 12 artists and group members, which also constitutes another book. Therefore, an exhibition becomes a book catalogue. Highlight artists include Ju An Qi (Poetic Spaces), Feng Chen (Poetic Spaces); Marnix de Nijs (Moving Spaces); Edwin van der heide (Sound Spaces), Marianne Heske (Sound Spaces); Zhu Ye + Wei Hao Yan (noffice, Extended Spaces), aaajiao (Extended Spaces), Yan Lei (Extended Spaces); Jeffrey Shaw (Super Vision Spaces, Marianne Heske (Inside Experience Spaces), He Xiangyu (Inside Experience Spaces), ChenXiao (Inside Experience Spaces) and Tim Li (Float).

For more information, please contact T +86 028 85761265 or email a4office [​at​]

About Create Space
Artistic Director: Sunny Sun, Li Zhenhua
Co-Curators: Richard Castelli, Li Jie, Cai Liyuan
Artists: aaajiao, Chen Xiao, Edwin Van Der Heide, Feng Chen, He Xiangyu, Ju Anqi, Jean Michel Bruyère, Jeffrey Shaw, Tim Li, Marnix De Nijs, Marianne Heske, Wei Haoyan & Zhu Ye, Yan Lei

A4 Art Museum
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