November 30, 2016 - Point Centre for Contemporary Art, Nicosia, Cyprus - completely something else 
November 30, 2016

Point Centre for Contemporary Art, Nicosia, Cyprus

1,657 B.C. Courtesy the artists in residence.

completely something else 
December 3, 2016–February 11, 2017

Opening: December 3, 6pm
Special screening: December 3, 6–9pm, Christodoulos Panayiotou, To Bring Back the World to the World
Zena Palace - Nicosia
Artists' talk: December 3, 7pm, Christodoulos Panayiotou, Phanos Kyriakou and resident artists Maria Loboda, Julia Rometti and Victor Costales in conversation with Jacopo Crivelli Visconti

Point Centre for Contemporary Art, Nicosia, Cyprus
Megaro Hadjisavva
2 Evagorou Ave
1097 Nicosia
Hours: Wednesday–Friday 10am–5pm,
Saturday 11am–3pm

T +357 22 662053
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Participating artists: Haris Epaminonda, Mario García Torres, João Maria Gusmão and Pedro Paiva, Phanos Kyriakou, Angelos Makrides, Tiago Mestre, Maria Loboda and Constantin Thun, Christodoulos Panayiotou, Julia Rometti and Victor Costales, Daniel Steegmann Mangrané

Curated by Jacopo Crivelli Visconti

Point Centre for Contemporary Art presents completely something else, a group exhibition that revolves around the notion of constantly-negotiated and undetermined spaces, gestures and shapes. Personal and subjective, the show was conceived to focus on the specificity of Cyprus by aiming at recreating an atmosphere, rather than directly addressing a place, a theme or a topic.

Physically and conceptually dense in some cases, almost rarefied in others, the works on show interact with each other as well as with the audience, like musical instruments tuning in a first rehearsal. Just like ancient statues emerging from the tautological descriptions that abound in archeology books, they seem to aspire at merely "being there," without leaving much room for metaphors and metonymies.

It is often the case that the more tautologically precise a description tries to be, the more abstract, partial and misleading it becomes. It is possible, then, that the only way to talk about Cyprus is to talk about completely something else, as this exhibition tries to do. In other words, it is possible that by making a point of not addressing the subject directly, the exhibition will imperceptibly touch upon it, even if just for a moment.


Point Centre for Contemporary Art is a non-profit organisation involved in the creative support and promotion of various fields of contemporary cultural production. It aims towards fostering a multi-disciplinary engagement with new tendencies in all aspects of the arts, architecture, film, music and sound, performance, discourse and thought, as well as developing a critical dialogue that revolves around these. 


Point Centre for Contemporary Art, Nicosia, Cyprus
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