February 14, 2017 - Platform-L Contemporary Art Center - Isaac Julien: Playtime
February 14, 2017

Platform-L Contemporary Art Center

Isaac Julien, EMERALD CITY / CAPITAL (Playtime), 2013. Endura Ultra photograph, 160 x 240 cm. Courtesy Isaac Julien and Victoria Miro Gallery, London.

Isaac Julien: Playtime
February 22–April 30, 2017

Opening: February 21, 7–10pm

Platform-L Contemporary Art Center
11 Eonjuro-133gil, Gangnamgu
06053 Seoul
South Korea
Hours: Tuesday–Sunday 11am–8:38pm

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Platform-L Contemporary Art Center presents Isaac Julien: Playtime, the artist’s first extensive solo exhibition in South Korea. Facing not only the reorganization of world powers after the arrival of the Trump government but also an unprecedented urge to reform the current political and social conditions in South Korea, the opening of the exhibition here and now acquires a distinct context.

What does art or the politics of art mean to this era? Traditionally, wasn’t it the critical art that dictated that art shouldn’t be isolated from life or that art has to eagerly carry out resistance and appropriation under inhuman social conditions? In this regard, more than any other comparable practices, Julien’s is reactive to reality while challenging the sensuous in the filmic language.

Throughout the solo exhibition, Julien examines inevitable and fundamental questions around capitalism, labour and art market of our time. His work engages with postcolonialism, migration and diaspora, racism and minor gender identities as thematic approach. In his major presentation of Playtime at the Platform-L, the intrinsic contradiction and limits of capitalism is depicted in an apocalyptic tone.

The exhibition consists of three works including Playtime (2014) functioning as the major axis to the constellation paired to Kapital (2013) and finally The Leopard (2007) that renders historic traumas into a choreography playing on the border of life and death. Playtime, realized as seven-channel installation, is an epitome of the artist’s mastery of immersive poetics or expanded montage, and the methods of sound design. The work is an aesthetical analysis in the 21st century of Karl Marx’s Capital and takes up the challenge of giving visual form to the immaterial flow of capital. The work will be installed in the live hall at the Platform-L, designed to activate architectural resonance – and will suggest an artistic experience to inspire the emancipated spectator, as per Jacques Rancière’s statement.


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