February 4, 2017 - MAN Museo d'arte della Provincia di Nuoro - Upcoming exhibitions
February 4, 2017

MAN Museo d'arte della Provincia di Nuoro

Jennifer West, Film Title Poem, 2016. 35mm optical print hand-etch and painted, transferred to high-definition, sound, 67:40 minutes.

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MAN Museo d'arte della Provincia di Nuoro
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Jennifer West
Action Movies, Painted Films and History Collage
February 17–May 21
The first solo exhibition of Jennifer West (USA) in an Italian museum, curated by Lorenzo Giusti, is comprised of ten films created starting from 2005, a group of 11 zines and a new work, Film Title Poem (2016), “a psychic montage of my inner history of film," for which West re-shot more than 500 existing movie title cards on 35mm film and manipulated the print with etched patterns, scratches and punctures before transferring it to HD. This feature, sensual, partly abstract, partly imagistic work delves into how fiction weaves itself into our memories and how our viewing experience has changed with the digital revolution.

Berenice Abbott
February 17–May 21
The exhibition of Berenice Abbott, curated by Anne Morin, presents for the first time in Italy, a selection of 82 photographs, from the middle of the 1920s to the first years of the 1960s. Subdivided into three categories—Portraits, New York and Scientific Photographs—it provides an overall view of Abbott's talent and variegated activities. Born in Springfield, Ohio in 1898, Berenice Abbott moved to New York in 1918. Here she struck up a friendship with Man Ray, and this led her to follow him to Paris, where she worked as his assistant from 1923 to 1926. In this period she made her first portrait photographs, dedicated to the intellectuals of the European avant garde. Throughout the 1930s, after her return to the United States, she worked on a single vast project aimed at documenting the transformation of New York following the Great Depression of 1929.

The Permanence of Resistance #3
February 17 will mark also the opening of the site specific installation Golden Zimmer by the Italian artist Leonardo Boscani, the first of a series of initiatives, curated by Micaela Deiana, introducing the third and final appointment of the several-year exhibition project dedicated to the most innovative research which from the end of the 1950s to the present have marked the artistic world in Sardinia. The Permanence of Resistance #3 will be devoted to the most recent artistic research that came to the fore in the early years of the 21st century. The Prelude, in a cycle of appointments, events and exhibitions, will propose close thematic examination of subjects connected with socially committed art, video, the relationship between art and sound and performances.

Jakub Julian Ziolkowski ​
June 1–October 1
Jakub Julian Ziolkowski (Poland, 1980) is known for his surrealist paintings inhabited by fantastic and often disquieting creatures. His is a "pictorial organicism" nourished by heterogeneous references to a mixture of Western and Eastern traditions that converse with the history of the artistic avant-gardes. Ziolkowski's project for the MAN is part of a yearlong programme that involves the museum in a wide-reaching investigation into the possible actuality of painting. The exhibition, preceded by a period of residence of the artist in Sardinia, will present a series of new works centred on an imaginary type of pasta inspired by the shape of the nasal cavity: the "nasellini."

Revolutionary love.
Artist Couples of the Russian Avant-gardes
June 1–October 1
Organized on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution, the exhibition, curated by Heike Eipeldauer and Lorenzo Giusti, assumes an innovative standpoint, that of artist-couples, to revisit the experience of Russia's avant-garde in the visual arts through the contribution of six artists of the first generation, joined together by their search for new expressive languages as well as their lives together: Natalya Goncharova and Mikhail Larionov, Varvara Stepanova and Alexander Rodchenko, Lyubov Popova and Alexander Vesnin. Through a nucleus of more than a hundred works, the exhibition aims to narrate the close bond between art and life that these couples found themselves experimenting in a period of intense cooperation and profound commitment, both artistic and political.

MAN Museo d'arte della Provincia di Nuoro
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