March 8, 2017 - The Blank Contemporary Art - Franco Vaccari: Esposizione in tempo reale N.45
March 8, 2017

The Blank Contemporary Art

Franco Vaccari, Esposizione in tempo reale N.45, 2017. Courtesy the artist and P420, Bologna.

Franco Vaccari
Esposizione in tempo reale N.45
(Real Time Display No. 45)
March 11–19, 2017

Opening: March 10, 6pm

Sala alla Porta S. Agostino
Via della Fara
24129 Bergamo
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The 35th BFM—Bergamo Film Meeting is devoting a section to the relationship between cinema and contemporary art, curated by The Blank. The leading figure is the Italian artist Franco Vaccari, one of the most significant and important interpreters of the languages of contemporary art. 

The artist will pay homage to the city of Bergamo staging an unreleased environmental video installation Esposizione in tempo reale N.45 at the hall of Porta Sant’Agostino and placing outside of the space the installation Il Mendicante Elettronico.

For Esposizione in tempo reale N. 45 the video Buona Notte, showing a hearth with a fire, as it is consumed and crackles, is overlaid on the image of Alessandro Magnasco’s painting Lo scaldatoio di una frateria. The projection of the fire enters into the pictorial composition, breathing life into it. For Esposizione in tempo reale N. 45, continuing research based on involvement and sharing, Vaccari invited several Bergamo artists to create beds-sculptures in front of the projection, shelters in which to rest and dream, developed according to the artists’ respective languages and poetics. The artists will make ten new beds-sculptures, specifically designed to dialogue with the video Buona Notte. These dream-like installations will fit into the setting of Porta Sant’Agostino, built between 1561 and 1575, and the historic road leading to Bergamo’s Upper City. 

The artists involved are Davide Allieri, Cinzia Benigni, Filippo Berta, DZT collective, Oscar Giaconia, Daniele Maffeis, Andrea Mastrovito, Giovanni Oberti, Francesco Pedrini, Maria Francesca Tassi. On March 10, for the inauguration of the installation at Porta Sant’Agostino, the space will host the “repose” of the artists and several cultural figures throughout the night. Vaccari is thus staging a situation in which the direct contribution of those who interact with Esposizione in Tempo Reale N.45 is indispensable for implementing the work. Outside Porta Sant’Agostino there is Il Mendicante Elettronico, a video installation from 1973. 

On Saturday, March 11, at 4pm at Cinema San Marco, Franco Vaccari will present a selection of his video works, retracing more than 40 years of research and experimentation, that have characterized his artistic career. 

Selected videos
1966–67, Nei Sotterranei, 8mm transferred to 16mm and digital format, b/w, 6:56 minutes
1971, Cani lenti, 8mm transferred to 16mm and digital format, b/w and colour, soundtrack by Pink Floyd, 8:38 minutes
2000, La via Emilia è un aeroporto, VHS, colour, soundtrack, 14:30 minutes
2003, Provvista di ricordi per il tempo dell’Alzheimer, video from photographic material, 21:57 minutes

The collaboration with Franco Vaccari has been possible thanks to the fundamental support of Galleria P420 (Bologna, Italy).

Franco Vaccari
(Modena, 1936) 
The artist’s most significant projects include his participation in the 36th Venice Biennale (1972), with Esposizione in tempo reale N. 4: Lascia su queste pareti una traccia fotografica del tuo passaggio. His recent solo projects include Franco Vaccari. Rumori Telepatici, Fondazione Morra Greco (Naples, 2014); Meta-Critic-Art, Fondazione Giorgio Marconi (Milan, 2011); Franco Vaccari-Col Tempo, Spazio Oberdan (Milan, 2007). 

Vaccari is also a philosopher and theoretician of photography. Texts such as Duchamp e l’occultamento del lavoro (1978) and Fotografia e inconscio tecnologico (1979) represent fundamental critical contributions to contemporary photographic reflection.

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The Blank Contemporary Art
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Esposizione in tempo reale N.45
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