What happens in an architecture exhibition? What, and who is it for? What does it do, and how does it do it? Solicited: Proposals is a shared effort to parse the architecture exhibition, to untangle and rethink its meaning and its potential for today. Through the lens of a single element, each contribution seeks to reimagine the architecture exhibition: what it allows for and does not allow for; what it enables, what it disables; what it constructs and deconstructs.

Solicited: Proposals is a project initiated by ArkDes and e-flux Architecture.

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10 essays
Esther Choi
The will to influence is at the core of any exhibition. —Bruce W. Ferguson 1 The making of culture relies on interpretation for its own...
Jia Yi Gu
Having served as director of two Los Angeles-based non-profit organizations dedicated to architectural exhibitions, I am often implicated in the...
Mpho Matsipa, Lynhan Balatbat-Helbock, and Molemo Moiloa
Western cultural institutions like the museum often presuppose an orderly spacing of time. The queue, in this sense, is anticipatory, but almost...
Gilly Karjevsky and Rosario Talevi
Architects are often taught that everything is architecture. That they are educated in a discipline with no boundaries, which reaches all aspects...
Vasif Kortun
A decade and some years ago, I was preoccupied with the question of laying out the fundamentals for a new institution, an institution for the...
Federico Martelli
I once designed the exhibition for the collection of an important museum. The brief was simple: we were asked to work with the relationships...
Prem Krishnamurthy
This contribution is intended to be listened to. The exhibition is open only at specific hours, from dusk to midnight. During these...
Shirley Surya
It is timely to write a self-reflexive account of building the permanent architecture collection at M+, a museum for visual culture encompassing...
Maria Lind
You are most likely sitting down while reading this. If not, please look for a place near you where you can take a seat and spend a moment. This...
Nick Axel, Nikolaus Hirsch, and James Taylor-Foster
Dear reader, What happens in an architecture exhibition? What, and who is it for? What does it do, and how does it do it? Solicited: Proposals...
Architecture, Museums
Exhibition Histories, Curating, Institutional Critique

Solicited: Proposals is a project initiated by ArkDes and e-flux Architecture.

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